Taking proper care of your carpets

By Charles Hopkins Published 08/31/2006 | Home Improvement


You are not buying cookies but carpets! So the tale doesnt end with buying and installing the carpet in your home. What about the maintenance part! Carpets are very sophisticated and elegant materials that add extravagance to your interiors. It is indeed a matter of concern that you must take proper care of your carpets. If they give you a feel of warmth and a sensation of relief, why cant you take out some time to keep them clean in the regular household?

To give a long life to your carpets and keep to its original look the carpet cleaning procedure requires something more than simple vacuuming and regular dusting. This can be sufficient for the floors but not for the carpets. Another thing thats important is the right protective methods applied for the particular type of carpet. Because everything depends on the fiber, color, surface and texture. And a slight slip in the method applied for cleaning will damage the entire beauty and quality of the material.

It is always advisable to follow the guideline placed by the carpet company itself. Also go for professional suggestions if required. But what you can easily do at home to keep the carpets clean should not be ignored.

         Carpets are not something to be kept aside with a touch-me-not essence. Rather you pierce deep in to walk on it. Anyway it has been known that there are specific zones on the carpet that bears the heavy traffic. The process of vacuuming must begin here. A regular vacuuming also enhances the durability and the fibers dont get damaged with the excessive stress.

         The process of vacuuming should be technical and not mechanical. The overlooked regions where dust particles get accumulated should be paid more attention to. To reduce your labor, you can divide the carpet in bipartite sections and begin cleaning. Neither do you omit a portion, nor do you rub one area several times.

         Instead of straight pulling of the vacuum, if you follow a zigzag technique, will give you a better cleaning. Also the rooted dirt particles will be pulled out from deep within.

         If you have kids and pets at home, then nobody can prevent the formation of stains on your carpets. It can be milk, chocolates and many other things that can make stains. The best way to off these stains are to use a solution made of detergent, warm water and vinegar and rub it on the stained area. This solution reacts immediately with the fibers and fades the stains. When you vacuum that region after you have applied the solution, it should be dry.

         Carpets should be dry cleaned after a regular interval of time. This not only evacuates dust and dirt from the carpets but doesnt allow mites and bugs to form shelter in them. Carpets can be a den for allergens. If not kept clean you will frequently suffer from allergies.

         Continuous use of a carpet really smells bad. Intoxicated pollutants are carried along with your shoes that get stored in the carpets. As a result the appearance of the carpet gradually becomes dull and the constant perspiration along the feet brings out a stinking odor. To nullify this stink you should use baking powder in the process of vacuuming. This is cheap and very effective too.

Do you really find these tips difficult to be followed? Your little bit of concern can bring a lot of difference. If you can take care of your skin, why not the carpets?