The role of carpet industry in keeping with the environment

By Charles Hopkins Published 08/31/2006 | Home Improvement

Hey pay heed to carpet care! This definitely rates for the utmost priority in the proper maintenance of a house. But have you ever felt it necessary to know how much carpets really pay to keep the environment healthy and protected? Why shrug your shoulders? You must!

If your floors need protection, you cover them with the carpets. And when it comes to caring for the carpets you search for a dozen of techniques for its cleaning and maintenance. Now you can just evaluate your conscience and judge how much you are really concerned about your environment.

The carpet industry is truly dedicated in caring for the environment as it is sincerely involved in formulating all new designs and textures for the best decoration of your home. Actually you must bring a slight alteration in your outlook and attitude to be conscious about environmental issues.

The carpet industry does nothing extra but retains this consciousness while manufacturing carpets.

  • The carpets for indoor arrangement for the decoration of home should not remain confined to simply ornamentation. You definitely take the pleasure in making your neighbors go wow on your carpeting style. But if they feel fresh just after entering your house after a long day's drive and tireless job, wont that be more satisfaction given to you?
  • The modern carpeting system takes serious initiatives to maintain the air quality of your interiors. You wont feel the slight chance of damp coming out of floors or the walls if you follow the specific clauses of installing carpets and take care of them with regular vacuuming, also keeping it dry. Your task is simple and the rest has already been imbibed in the fibers of the carpets along with their making.
  • Carpets cause allergy. This is a common allegation placed against the carpet manufacturers as they use such latex that finally become the nest of microbial actions. But in the present context, the carpet industry has researched on this problem and has landed to a reasonable solution. It has been evaluated that if synthetic latex is used in place of the natural latex, the allergens dont get a chance to harbor on the carpet grounds and you can freely move across the carpets not being sensitive to any form of allergy caused by the carpets.

All these aspects followed in the process of carpet making have shown great results to the users of carpets. Apart from these, the carpet industry is further concerned with overall environmental protection. In these regards, the carpet industry follows certain decorum.

  • Making the best use of the waste products in the carpet manufacture has become a primary concern for the carpet industry.
  • Recycling process is very important as the waste carpet parts are often used to make small rugs, entrance mats, carpet cushions, etc.
  • The waste fibers are not dumped even if they cannot be used in other carpet products but often made in use elsewhere.
  • The industrial concern that really calls for admiration is apart from carpets, the other materials used indirectly in making the carpet is also used with extreme care. The excess polythene for wrapping carpets, the unused cardboard, the packaging material, the scrap metals, etc. are recycled and made in use elsewhere.

Hats off! And its worth learning a lesson from this enterprise that we too must pay our little effort to keep this environment pollution free and fresh for existence. If the carpet industry can pass this message to us, why cant we do our part to pass the same to the generations to come? Dont think it over anymore but take initiatives for action!