By Jacob Mabille Published 09/3/2006 | Health

Acidophilus, a beneficial bacteria, can offer us protection from harmful bacteria. It is essential to maintaining good health and guards against some harmful organisms. Normally, acidophilus is found in the intestines where it promotes a healthy intestinal balance. However, immediately after antibiotic use, the level of acidophilus present drops.

Acidophilus is often used in an attempt to prevent diseases, digestive problems, such as diarrhea, or infections, such as vaginal yeast or urinary tract, from gaining a foothold. Occasionally, acidophilus may be included as a supplement during treatment with antibiotics. In addition to these conditions, acidophilus may also be used in alleviating the symptoms of bad breath and flatulence.

When used to lessen symptoms of flatulence, however, it may take a few days for positive results to occur. Increased gas is also one of the possible side effects that one may experience when taking this supplement. Fortunately, no known drug or nutritional interactions are currently known. In fact, acidophilus has been used in many countries for years.

Acidophilus is found in certain foods, particularly yogurt. However, due to pasteurization, the amount of acidophilus present in yogurts varies. Therefore, no one can simply rely on the fact that they are getting acidophilus through their yogurt intake. In order to promote a reliable level of Acidophilus intake, some individuals may choose to incorporate acidophilus supplements into their diet.

The acidophilus supplements are available in several forms: liquid, powder, tablet, suppository, and capsules. The suggested dosage, usually between two and four times a day, varies according to the condition that an individual is attempting to treat. Dosage directions should be available on each product label.

If acidophilus is being taken as part of a daily regimen, then the dosage should be decreased. In addition, the dosage is generally taken with food to lessen the number of acidophilus organisms destroyed through contact with stomach acids.

Acidophilus supplements are available in most Health stores and online. It is important to research the different available products to determine which will be most beneficial for you. These products will vary in strength and concentration. Acidophilus products should contain live cultures and proper storage of the product is essential in order to ensure its usefulness.

As with any supplement, a physician should be contacted and the intended use of the product discussed. An informed decision is always the best one.

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