How A Mindset Can Affect How Much Your Earn

By Charles Hopkins Published 09/19/2006 | Finance

When it comes to earning a living, there are as many issues as there are advantages. The first thing that a person needs to do is find a job that they will be good at and can earn a competitive salary. To get that job, a person will have to be able to present his or herself as competent to do the job they are applying for. How you present yourself is directly related to your mindset. If you go into an interview with an attitude that says you can do the job, that youre the one to choose, that will come out in the way you present yourself. Mindset and self-confidence go hand-in-hand. If on the other hand, you walk into an interview with the mindset that you may not be hired, that the competition is tough, that will come through as well. It could easily cost you the job you are trying for.

Once you have a job, your mindset can greatly affect your earning power. This is true of many different professions. For example, if your job is as a salesperson for merchandise in a store, your attitude and the way you deal with the customers affects your sales. Someone, even a person who does not like selling, if they have a good attitude will find that the customers buy from them, look for them when they return to the store to make further purchases and will recommend the person to friends. For a salesperson working on commissions this positive mindset can greatly increase their earnings.

This goes for any job really. Your earning potential is based very much on how you come across to others. This can be the boss you need to impress with your skills, the person you are trying to sell a stereo or cell phone to or the patient you are treating if you are a doctor or dentist. This is also true if you are a lawyer. Think about it, if your client comes in to see you with a legal problem and you act disinterested or like the problem is one that cannot be won, will they hire you? Of course not! But, if someone comes to you with a problem and you are enthusiastic about helping them, begin outlining strategies to win, then your positive mindset will encourage them and make them feel that you can accomplish whatever they need. That is how a positive attitude can help your earning power. It is no different for a doctor or dentist, who will want to see them if the attitude that comes across is one of impatience and disinterest. Who will return to them for treatment? Therefore this attitude affects their earning potential.

In a situation where an employee works for a corporation and in their job they remain in the background going through the daily grind with nothing to show for it but a weekly paycheck. That person will not advance nor earn better until they can use a positive mindset and get themselves noticed.