How to create a home office

By Charles Hopkins Published 03/13/2006 | Home Improvement

Having an office at home is more than just having a desk and computer.  You can create a great space for getting your work done and also have a wonderful accent to your home.  A home office is easy to create with just a few steps to consider helping you design your plan.  You dont have to have a business to have an office, your office space can be the central location where no children are permitted, where you can download music, take time to read the news online, or even just catch up on the computer talking with old friends.

Make sure that you know what area you are going to make your home office.  Consider the space that you have to work with and what you are going to do in that space.  A home office can be a room of its own or it can be part of a room that has other functions.  Some ideas for locations to have your home office are guest bedrooms, dens, or even in a play or family room.  You need to decide how much of this space is going to be used for your home office. 

Check the room out to locate where the electrical outlets and phone jacks are.  Make sure that they are conveniently located for you and your equipment.  Decide where you are going to put the furniture at in the room and which part of the room you want to use for your space.  Try not to put all your computer plugs in one outlet, be sure to use a power surge cord or base where ever possible if you have many components to your home or business computer to prevent fires, or surges.

Think about the amount of storage space you are going to need.  You will need a place for paper files, computer equipment, and accessories.  Decide what kinds of storage units you want to include in your area.  If it is a room that you will be sharing with other members of the family, you may want to think about what kind of privacy you will need for your important documents. 

Make sure that you design your workplace to be efficient.  It has to be a good place for you to actually get your work done.  You need to make sure that you have all the things that you need to work.  The items that you will need are letter-writing supplies, pens, staples, stapler, files, books and so on.  You should be able to have these items within your reach while you are working. 

If you are short on space, then you may have to carefully choose your filing cabinets and other storage containers.  If you do not have a lot of room on the floor, then you may want to have your storage on the wall.  You can also have stackable containers to make your room more functional.  There are plenty of new creations out there in the way of filing systems.  Look around and you will be able to find the one that is best for your home office. 

Once a year go through your files and papers and get rid of anything that you no longer need.  You do not want papers stacking up and making clutter in your new home office.  Keeping it neat and organized is essential to you and how much work you get done in your new space.