How To Think Like Other Millionaires

By Charles Hopkins Published 09/19/2006 | Entrepreneur

The general population has one way of thinking, but the millionaires of the world seem to look at things with a different point of view. They see the money they earned as their due. Those who have made their money from scratch, by being innovative and working hard, feel that they deserve their money. They are always looking for other opportunities to invest and grow what they have already made. They dont want to sit idle and let the interest grow, instead they want to be part of the action. Working a deal to get the one to three million as soon as possible. Ask an average person when they should start a new project and theyll answer that first it needs to be looked at a little more carefully and it will take a little time until they are ready. But if you ask a self-made millionaire when to begin a new project, the answer is always going to be immediately!

Unlike the average person, millionaires seem to have people around them who believe in what they do. These are not just people who want to bask in the limelight of anothers achievements but people who believe in the visions of the millionaire and what they can do. This is not a bunch of groupies; the average millionaire is too smart to surround themselves with people who are only after an expensive dinner, a ride in the limo or any other free perk they may want to try for.  The people they surround themselves with are supporters, those who not only think that the millionaire is capable of doing anything, but are willing to be a part of whatever goes on. These people will put their skills or their money where their mouths are. The average person doesnt have supporters to stand by them and cheer them on. Life just does not work that way.

Millionaires have a certain tenacity about them. They didnt necessarily make their million the first time they set out to work. They often had two or three failures, but they never gave up. They are confident that whatever they may do they will do it well and that there is another million waiting for them to conquer. They are ready to go after it. Despite the money they have, the average self-made millionaire is not looking to retire they are ready to work hard and keep the ideas flowing and the money flowing right along side of it.

So, if you have just made your first million and are now able to give yourself the title of millionaire you may have to change the way you look at life. The glass is no longer half empty. You must take a more positive outlook and feel good about the money you made and the way you made it.  If you want to fit in with the wealthy group at the best restaurants and attend the best events look around and see what the others are doing and how they enjoy the riches they have worked so hard to make. Then ease on in.