Reasons You Should Play Beach Volleyball

By Charles Hopkins Published 04/7/2006 | Sports

Your friends are always excited about playing beach volleyball. But you wondered why they are so excited when it comes to playing beach volleyball. Well there are lots of reasons for which you should also play beach volleyball.

a)     For a long time you wanted to improve your skills for games. The beach volleyball game is really great for improving your indoor skills/game.  Here all the players get to work really well on all their weaknesses while playing. Moreover, unlike the six-person game, in this game every player can touch the ball in every rally, and with just two players to cover the court, players learn to read and anticipate much better. 

b)     When you are playing beach volleyball you are out with nature. Since you are dealing with the sun and wind, these will help you to become more adaptable. You might face problems at first. But once you can use the forces of nature in your advantage then you will love playing this game only because youre out in nature. Moreover the height of a player becomes less important in beach volleyball. Here the basic skills like ball control and throwing are most important. If you lack in height you can make up for that with your speed. Moreover, it is a great way to improve players jumps.  Communicating effectively is essential to the sport, and the game helps teammates to grow stronger together. Generally ball control, defense and serving are regarded as strongest assets of the beach volleyball players.

c)     If you go and play Doubles Beach Volleyball it provides the best environment for learning the game and refining every skill in the game. Here, two-on-two results in random, game-like volleyball experiences coupled with an outstanding number of contacts per person. The more your players touch the volleyball, the better they will become.

d)     If you indulge in playing beach volleyball every day then you will improve and master every skill of the game as opposed to mastering one skill. In Doubles Beach Volleyball both players on a team must pass, set, attack, serve, block, and dig. This will make you better all around volleyball players. Your leg muscles get extensive training while running in the sand.

e)     The beach volleyball game helps you to become tougher mentally. While you are playing on the beach, there is no way you can hide any weaknesses you have in the game. Thus you are forced to work on and improve your all-round skills while playing on the beach.

f)       In a beach volleyball game the camaraderie between the partners become stronger. Since mostly players indulge in Doubles Beach Volleyball therefore the bonding becomes stronger. Moreover both you and your partner will have improved reaction time, as both of you must cover a larger area of the court.

g)     You never know when you will have the opportunity of competing in higher level games. But it is true that you can have such opportunities if you consistently play amateur games in the beaches.

So, now you can see how many benefits are there of playing beach volleyball. Therefore from next time when your friends and neighbors ask you to join them in a beach volleyball game dont be reluctant, remember these reasons and go playing.