Choosing the Perfect Summer Camp for Summer Sports

By Charles Hopkins Published 04/7/2006 | Sports

You really have a tough job in hand when you have to choose that perfect summer camp for summer sports. There are so many variables to consider before you zero on one particular summer camp. Lets look at these tips and see if they can help us in choosing the perfect summer camp for summer sports.

  1. Open and honest: Remember you are entrusting the responsibility of your most valuable possession to the camp organizers. Therefore see whether the Camp Director is always available to personally answer all your questions and address any concerns you might have.

  1. Personalized: Dont send your child to such a camp where he/she just becomes a number. Visit the camp or check its credentials beforehand to see whether the camp organizers take an active interest in your childs needs and know your child inside and out.

  1. Small: It is always better to look for a summer camp where they accommodate small groups of children. This becomes necessary especially if you have a child with ADHD or special needs. Many kids feel lost in large groups and are comfortable when they are with much fewer children in a camp. Moreover if there are few children, the camp authorities have ample opportunities to pay individual attention to everyone.

  1. Confidence building:  When you search for the best summer camp for your child, do some research what the camp does to build the confidence of your child. The best summer camps always provide opportunities for children to show off their strengths and reinforce their gifts and talents.

  1. Proper care and attention: Always select a camp where the counselor/camp leader-to-camper ratio is 3:1. In these camps, the leaders can spend quality time with your child. This not only boosts confidence building and addressing specific issues, but will also make your child feel more at-home.

  1. Purposeful activities:  A perfect summer camp should provide a wide selection of purposeful activities designed to build different strengths and give your child a well-rounded experience. So go for a camp where the activities are really good which your child will remember and not just a lot of filler activities for time pass.

  1. Down time: Do not ignore the fact that children always need some time for themselves, when they can sit alone and do something they enjoy doing alone. Make absolutely sure that the camp you have found, does encourage your child to spend some time with himself.

  1. Specialty Camps:  If you want the hidden talents of your child to get booster, then send your kid in a specialty camp. These camps encourage the specific gifts and talents of the kids and along with that help the children to establish relationships with other children who share their passions.

  1. Healthy food:  A perfect camp is a camp that always pays proper attention to the nutritional necessities of the children and encourage them to drink plenty of water and eating balanced diet. Of course they should have snacks and desserts too. But emphasis should be on a healthy diet.

  1. Follow up: Obviously you should want to know about your childs activities in the camp after the camp has finished. So, check out beforehand whether the camp authorities always caters information about the kids after the camp is finished. The same goes for the specialty camps. After all, they will be the best judges of how your childs creative instincts blossomed during this period. So, before you pick up your child from the camp, check out about your childs activities from the camp authorities.

So before sending your kid to a summer camp do a bit of research keeping in mind the above points so that your child gets the perfect summer camp to enjoy and also achieves something meaningful for her personal growth.