Swimsuit Buying Tips

By Charles Hopkins Published 04/7/2006 | Sports

After you have decided that you will begin swimming this season, now arises the question of buying a swimwear. In the swimwear market, you will be flooded with advices from various salespersons on which swimwear to buy. While the appearance of a swimsuit may not be as compelling an issue in competitive swimwear as it is in fashion swimwear, its fit and functionality are still just as important, if not more important. Below is a guide to shopping for a swimsuit designed for serious competitive swimming.

Remember before going for buying the swimsuit that the cost of good swimsuits can be of few hundred dollars depending upon the brand name and model of the swimsuit. Well, after reading this much you might be thinking that this figure may be out of the price range for swimmers like you, but it is still important for every serious swimmer to purchase a quality piece of swimwear. Here are some general tips for selecting the best quality swimsuit that is worth of your money.

  • Brand Names: Brand name is quite important in this field though you might think otherwise. The fact that some famous brands have stayed on the market for several decades proves to the quality of the swimwear they produce. However, some newer brands have nowadays made a serious entry into the market. Before purchasing a swimsuit, be very sure that you do a little research on the brand you are willing to buy. Try to get some information about the company and check out past customers reviews about the swimwear. A little consumer research can go a long way towards ensuring a quality, long-lasting swimsuit.
  • Utilization of the swimsuit: Always, keep in mind clearly the reasons for which you are buying the swimsuit when browsing through stores. If you are selecting a swimsuit for casual lap swimming, you must want a swimsuit that lasts long that that which facilitates speed. You may get something cheap by looking at brand-name swimsuits designed without the latest innovations. If speed facilitation is your major requirement, be sure to compare brands and research properly about product claims before purchasing. The advertising claims of the swimwear manufacturer may be more fancy words and big names than actual swimwear innovations.
  • Swimwear Sources: When you go to buy a swimsuit, do not assume that you need to buy a brand-name swimsuit from a high-end sports store or directly from the manufacturer. Many second-run fashion stores carry brand-name swimsuits that did not sell initially may be due to unpopular cut or color. It is always better to consider about functionality and longevity than appearance, and therefore these stores may provide better, more cost-effective swimsuit options for you.
  • Swimsuit Materials: Do no forget to pay attention to the fabric of the swimsuit. Purchasing an expensive, brand-name swimsuit and quickly losing it to chlorine degradation and fraying would be very unfortunate, indeed. Well-made competitive swimsuits should contain a high percentage of Lycra/spandex material and should be treated for chlorine resistance. While no treatment can result in complete chlorine resistance, some sort of chlorine treatment can greatly lengthen the lifetime of your swimsuit. If you are unsure of the chlorine resistance of a particular swimsuit, feel free to ask the salesperson or call the manufacturer regarding this important concern.

Keeping all of these tips in mind, now you should get ready to go for buying a good swimsuit that serves your purpose. And once you have your perfect swimsuit, go and enjoy the splash in the water to your hearts content.