Where to Find Forex News

By Charles Hopkins Published 10/14/2006 | Finance

In todays multimedia world, news travels fast and it travels through a highly expansive universe that is far more vast than the mere TV, radio, and print mediums that existed in exclusivity only 15 years ago. In this expansive media world, if there were anyone who benefited the most from this ability to get information quickly from a variety of sources, it would be the average investor.

It has been said, The best investor is the educated investor. Now, the word educated does not refer to formal education (although formal education is always helpful), but instead it refers to how knowledgeable one is about a particular investment market. That is, one who is heavily knowledgeable about the commodities market would probably be the most likely to be successful when venturing into that speculative world.

The new, emerging world of Forex trading is far less known than the more traditional investment markets. However, the lure of Forex trading has attracted many people who traditionally would not have taken part in the Forex world. So, how do these people educate themselves in the area?

The popularity of Forex trading has allowed the community of this type of investment to become much more rabid and much more hungry for knowledge. As a result, there has been a huge influx of informational websites and Internet based communications devices to prosper. These websites are incredibly expansive and seem to put a great deal of effort in being more accessible to the average person looking to learn from the perspective of a beginner, as opposed to, say, oil futures trading, that will seem to speak over the head of those who are relatively new.

Probably the most helpful sites that offer Forex news would be those websites that have multimedia capabilities such as audio or video. One such site is http://www.Forexnews.com/. This news can be streamed and viewed in the same way one can flip on CNN and watch the news. Many times, when news about a particular subject is directed to someone who is a newbie, then the person may be able to pick up on the information and understand what is being transmitted a great deal better when it is exposed in an audio visual medium.

Now, this does not mean that merely because something is being broadcasted, that it is automatically a credible source. Bad news goes out in the airwaves all the time and the world of Forex trading would be no different. There always needs to be a critical eye (and ear) centered on any form of news media and not to randomly accept what is presented. So how does one know which news source is the best when one is a novice?

There is one sage piece of advice all may benefit from; always look for a news service that has been around a while and, if possible, is backed by a name company that has a proven track record. When one has a track record, one has credibility. New services are no different in this regard.