Chia! The new entry in the superfood world

By Charles Hopkins Published 10/14/2006 | Food & Drink

Chia is a great gift given to mankind by God. History shows that the Aztecs, a primitive tribe, made the first use of it. Maybe they didnt have the slightest idea about superfoods, but today chia is considered one of the richest sources of superfood. In Canada, it is being produced in large quantities and exported to all regions of the world. From millenniums back until modern times, the story of how this chia became such a rich nutrient is an intriguing one. It sure would be interesting to know and then you might be tempted to include this food in the normal course of your diet.

 Nutritional value of chia

 The chia seed, which the ancient tribes grew in abundance, was very rich in the essential nutrients that compose a balanced human diet. Chia is a great source of protein and minerals, as well as omega-3 fatty acids or oils. They are key ingredients in superfoods, and they can be found in great quantity if chia is a part of your diet.

The chia seeds also serve as antioxidants because they are a rich source of fiber, as well. The nutritional value of chia is something which people of ancient times enjoyed. Now, theres an even higher-level product known as super chia. Of course, super chia means something more.

The superb thing about super chia

Super chia is being extensively grown in Peru and its quantity has greatly exceeded the growth output of normal chia. This is a hybrid source of chia, with a better standard than the normal nutrients contained in chia. Proteins, minerals, vitamins and fatty acids - all can be found in larger quantities in super chia, compared to ordinary chia. In no way can you ignore its super energy qualities.  More good news is that you will not put on pounds with this rich source of protein.

The way to eat super chia

Chia, the ordinary seed, is blackish. What would you expect super chia to be? If not black, it is something close to black. On the other hand, super chia is 180 degrees apart from the ordinary chia because of its white color.

The best way of utilizing super-chia is by grinding the seeds into flour and then preparing delicious items from this. Like wheat and maize grains, and others, these super chia grains can be used to bake different types of breads and bread products. According to the eating style of each region, people across the globe can make use of super chia flour in their very own ways.

The ordinary white bread you have been consuming since childhood can be substituted with super chia breads. This will very quickly bring a marked difference in the food value. Moreover, it will care for your health, including your cholesterol level.

Under the chias, or super chias care, your life is going to bloom in every way. You will feel stronger than ever before and will enjoy a rejuvenated feeling that you havent felt before. It would be a good idea to include this essential food immediately in your daily diet. Alter and experiment with the chia and with what you have been eating all these years. Thats pretty fine and you will observe changes soon. Introduce it into your body and wait for the results. Superb! They ought to be.