Chocolate in your superfood! Kids are you happy?

By Charles Hopkins Published 10/14/2006 | Food & Drink

Chocolate is loved by all. Though we always associate kids with chocolate, things are actually not that way. One of the differences between children and adults is that kids can nag their moms and dads for chocolates, but moms and dads cant do so. Rather, they will buy for their children and make them share a piece. It is true that crunchy, delicious, creamy chocolate tempts you, whatever your age.

Chocolates are bad for your health. This derogatory remark might have made you stop and think over time. You have tried various methods to inhibit your kids from having too much chocolate. The results have been poor, what next?

Flavonoids in dark chocolate

For all parents and their young ones, there is happy news in the world of chocolate. Chocolate is no longer considered to be bad. Already started craving? There are some restrictions. If you can follow them, you can live a healthy life, including chocolate. In the modern theory of nutrition and diet, dark chocolate has been placed under the category of superfood. Apart from cream and cocoa, dark chocolate is a rich source of flavonoids. Also, flavonoids are antioxidants.

Heres a salute to the formulation of superfoods, which has found something good in chocolate! It is not just something good but is an excellent source of dark chocolate for your good health. Dark chocolate drinks are mouthwatering, and parents can feed their kids with a glass every morning. You can have one, too.

What is the role flavonoids hold as an antioxidant? Flavonoids nourish your heart, protect it from heart attacks and strokes, help in blood clotting and balance the blood pressure. The darker the chocolate, the better. The more cocoa in the dark chocolate, the better it is for your health.

Dark chocolate in various preparations

One obvious way to enjoy dark chocolate is in the form of a chocolate drink. The superfood nutritionists have no such restriction. You can prepare it hot and serve it with stuffed bananas to your kids. Chocolate is stuffed between two slices of a single banana and then baked at about 350 degrees F. While baking, the chocolate will gradually melt and a coat of chocolate will form on the top layer. This dish will be just yummy if served hot.

Dark chocolate sandwiches are perfect for your childs lunch. Make them at home and put them, well covered, in the lunch box so that your kid can look forward to the chocolaty cuisine, even in a school environment. This preparation takes hardly any time and you can manage it quite easily. Take a few slices of common bread and, between the slices, add a slab of dark chocolate. Cook it in the oven and the chocolate will melt to form a coating within, as well as outside. Just turn it upside down twice on a little olive oil, and add a little sprinkle of salt.

Dark chocolate is a vital superfood to feed your children, and all dishes prepared from it are healthy in every aspect. Your child will love to eat more, and you will be happy to see your child eating something he or she enjoys so much.