Tips to Improve the Skill Level of Your Volleyball Team

By Charles Hopkins Published 04/7/2006 | Sports

So you want to improve the skill level of your volleyball team. Well, this is not an easy task. This is because first, you have to improve the individual skills. For this, the things that you need are spirit, hustle, and effort. Combination of these three will only take you so far. Just having 4-hour practices will not help you in this cause. Here are some tips for helping you out in the task of improving the skill level of your volleyball team. If you can follow more than one of these tips, then you'll definitely find positive results and can achieve your target in less than one year.

1. Hold camps at the school campus. This is the real good thing. If you feel that money is a big problem, then find someone who'll come in and do a camp real cheap. Do not get tense if all the players do not arrive!

2. Help them raise the funds. If this is done then you can have camps during the summer.

3. Hold gym sessions during the off-season. In the off-seasons, always have gyms during the night. Dont think that you shouldnt have gym if certain numbers of players dont agree to come. It is always better to go for gyms with the players who have come. The players who will attend the gym can produce successful results later on.

 4. Work hard in the off-season! Are you concerned because your opponents are outworking your players always? Then work hard during the off-season. This will help your players to compete and perform better next year.

5. Make practice as productive as possible. The best way is to introduce fun and challenge into the sessions. But you have to find or create the drills that will help your team.

6. Teach the characteristics of great teams! Tell your team players the following things, which are the characteristics of great teams

a)     There is no shortcut!

b)     So what if we have lost lots of games. It does not matter. Now, we have to win.

c)     We will play hard every night out. Everyone will accept that were the hardest working team that theyve ever seen

d)     Always congratulate each other after winning a point. Always support your team because this is what winners do. Dont bother about the scoreboard.

e)     Remember you will never be great at anything unless you first WANT to be great!

f)       Do not even think about failure. All of you are star material.

g)     How important something is measured by how much you are willing to sacrifice.

7. Expect 100% effort every night. When your players will hear you shout asking them to give more effort then youll automatically find more improvement in their performance.

8. Coach like a champion team coach. Always have realistic expectations. This is absolutely important. The players of all the teams are not the same so first evaluate them and then give them a realistic target.

9. Coach to play the game correctly. You should never accept shortcuts like one-balling, hitters refusing to set, unnecessary dumps, etc. Good teams dont take shortcuts.

10. Do not change your team. Trust us! There is no magic to changing your team. It takes work, sacrifice, and effort and your same team will perform well with each passing day.

Follow these tips and do not forget yourself to always appreciate the efforts of your team members. The skill level of your team will automatically improve.