Ladies need superfood more

By Charles Hopkins Published 10/14/2006 | Food & Drink

Mama's, you spend most of your life rearing your babies, taking care of the household and also earning money, in some cases, for the household. At the end of the day, what are you left with? Stress, tension and the burden of the coming day, but in spite of this, you manage everything smoothly. You do all this at the cost of your health. Can you disagree with this?

Even young girls sometimes skip their meals in the name of dieting. What benefit do they get from this? Those skinny figures are actually poor victims of malnutrition. For every woman under the sun, this is something you must note - ignoring food in no way reflects your generosity towards your family, and dieting to remain slim is just living in a fools paradise. Rather, eat healthy and stay fit. That is a better way to keep you in a shape.

Of course, what you are eating is a matter to be minutely looked into. Not eating, however, is no solution. Health and body weight are tied together. What gives them equal importance? Very simple! Just figure out a blend of superfoods in your routine diet. You will feel the difference on your own.

Food for fair sex: the super way

Whole grains for wholesome purpose: The important raw foods that fall under the whole grain category are wheat flour produced from whole wheat grains, brown rice and barley seeds. Flour grounded from chia seeds can also be regarded as a wholesome superfood for women. Dont reduce the number of breads from your daily diet, but use whole grain flour to bake the bread. This will provide you with more energy and shed the pounds, as well as controlling your cholesterol level.

Fruits and nuts, nutritious and healthful: Fresh fruits in your regular diet are important, but dried fruits are rich sources of superfood, too. Pears, figs, dates, macadamia nuts, blueberries and raisins can serve as great superfoods and, dear ladies, you can carry these nuts and fruits anywhere and take them as light snacks at any time of the day. Whether you are at work or at home, you cant make the excuse that you dont have time to eat these little snacks. One more thing that can be included as a part of the superfood diet are almonds or almond extracts. These are low fat and high mineral content food sources to give you a smart and healthy look.

Yogurt and soybeans help a lot: Instead of consuming more non-vegetarian items, you can better opt for yogurt, which is otherwise a very good source of protein to meet the daily health requirement. Yogurt is also a rich source of calcium, potassium and magnesium. And ladies should take at least take 8 ounce of yogurt daily. This will keep you fresh and will help control your appetite.

Avoid animal protein and introduce plant protein in your diet. Eat soy foods like tofu and soy milk or soy flour to maintain a healthy life. One thing is important even if you diet with superfoods. You should not starve yourself, and every nutrient required should be fulfilled. Superfoods are the best means to create this balance; and ladies, you can rely on them.