Nourish with yogurt! Enrich the superfood

By Charles Hopkins Published 10/14/2006 | Food & Drink

Perhaps it looks simple but, in fact, it is super. When the question of high nutritious food is raised, something expensive and rare comes to mind. On the contrary, superfoods are actually related to very simple foods and food products. They are all around you and you, most likely, have them sometime or other, but not really in a systematic manner. As a result, you are deprived of their true food value, and you never feel their essence and importance in your life.


Yogurt is one such superfood that is so common to you that you never think to make it an important part of your diet. With the new diet research, you will now have to accept that yogurt is a superfood.

The super way of looking at yogurt

How come yogurt became a superfood, something that even your kid can prepare? Heres the story. Yogurt is nothing fancy, but the nutrients it contains are sufficient to fulfill what are known to be the major superfoods.

Yogurt is rich in most of the vitamin Bs, as well as protein. You can see why protein is an important nutrient. Simply, yogurt is a milk product. The composition of yogurt makes a big difference, however. It gives you a great supply of calcium, is a good energizer and can be easily digested after consuming.

Milk may be problematic to digest, yogurt is not

Children dont find it hard to digest milk, but adults sometimes do. Milk reacts in an acidic way for some. Milk protein is behind the whole problem. The same person who cant digest most milk products finds yogurt to be simply fine and readily digestible. Adults hardly ever have trouble with yogurt consumption, and all those stomachaches and acidity problems can go away.

Why isnt yogurt treated as a superfood? There is an enzyme called lactase that supports the digestion of any milk product. In the fermentation process of yogurt formation, this enzyme lactase is produced, which simple milk fails to do. Therefore, those adults who are intolerant to lactose can easily digest yogurt, due to the presence of lactase. Without any limit on age, yogurt serves as a common rich superfood to be consumed by all.

Yogurt, taking care of your intestines

For the formation of yogurt, certain bacteria are needed. They, in turn, are friendly to the intestines. As bacteria are beneficial to your body, those in yogurt are known as probiotics. Lactobacillus casei and Lactobacillus reuteri are among the important bacteria that support the formation of yogurt. These bacteria generally circle around the gut and protect the cells of the large intestine, which is the most crucial organ involved in your digestion process. The yogurt bacteria actually prevents any type of cancer from forming in the colon.

Making yogurt a part of your diet

Twelve ounces of yogurt in your regular diet can keep you safe and fresh from the inside. You will even enjoy the eating of heavy food since you can neutralize this with the yogurt that you have at the end of the meal.

Sometimes things which never were a matter of great concern should be taken seriously. Therefore, prepare your yogurt at home and enjoy your food, rather superfood, to the utmost.