Soybeans! An important ingredient of superfood

By Charles Hopkins Published 10/14/2006 | Food & Drink

Soybeans can be great savior. In the superfood family, soybeans hold a prime position to keep you healthy and strong. Belonging to the pea family and as a part of leguminous plants, soybeans can form a part of nutritious diet on a regular basis. 

Soy is primarily a protein-rich food and important for hormonal balance and heart health. Most important of all is that soybeans contain all the essential amino acids and thus can be treated equivalent to meat. Calcium and iron are also among the major nutrients of soy products.

Soy nutrients in detail

v      The most important nutrient in soybeans is protein. Who says vegetarians dont get enough of protein because they dont take meat and fish? It is absolutely wrong. A vegetarian diet can create an optimum balance of nutrients required by your body. Only you will have to take care of those foods that provide you with the essential nutrients and include them into the diet. Superfood is all about it. Therefore soybeans are included in a rich vegetarian diet that share a marked level to cater your protein need.

v      Soybean is a fibrous food and provides enough roughage to your system. This is another vital reason of including it in the superfood category. A common problem with protein is related to its indigestion and proper release. By virtue of containing more fibers, soybeans keep you light, free from digestion troubles and above all very active.

v      Soybean is free from cholesterol and saturated fat. Any high protein in the non-vegetarian items cannot claim to be completely free of theses things, but soybeans can. Thus soybean, the superfood, can be carried as a part of your diet even when you are in your sixties and seventies.

v      Phytoestrogen is an essential component present in soybeans and soy products. Women after fifty or after reaching menopause should include soybeans in their major meals. The change a woman undergoes at this age when the menstrual cycle is put off is mostly at the level of hormones. Phytoestrogen can complement the change in the level of estrogen in the female body and thus is regarded as a key component to make soy a superfood.

v      Actually women over fifty need soy added to their daily diet in a fixed amount. You can have 500 ml. of soymilk as a part of your daily breakfast. If that makes you feel sick go for something solid. You can have soy breads at least four slices daily. This can be included in your lunch. Avoid butter with it; instead use a coat of margarine. And if you prefer Chinese, then tofu is the best. Around 100 grams of tofu as lunch or supper will fulfill your requirement to a large extent.

v      How do soybeans protect your heart? Researchers have brought forward that about 40 grams of soy proteins can be effective in putting down at least 20% of cholesterol in blood.

v      You must have followed what doctors and dietitians generally put forward. They always suggest stopping the consumption of beef and other such high proteins after a certain age. Why? Because these animal fats and protein are the major cause behind deposition of cholesterol in blood. But the same doctors would insist you to have soybeans, so that both your protein needs are met and cholesterol levels are brought under control.

So soy as superfood thrives your super living. Have it daily without any hesitation. And soybeans are tasty enough if prepared with correct ingredients.