A Superfood during pregnancy! The perfect diet chart

By Charles Hopkins Published 10/14/2006 | Food & Drink

Superfood for super women, should we take it in this way? Well whether there is the adjective super before woman or not, superfood has been extremely well-defined to serve the nutrients required by every woman. Now if she turns into a super woman after taking superfood, thats completely a different issue. Okay enough of jugglery with words and their meanings! The core idea is how superfood really looks after a womans health and especially when she has conceived.

Pregnant women can closely stick to a chart of superfoods. They will take care of the mother, as well as, the one resting in the womb. First of all, make a point very clear. There is often a confusion that superfoods are meant for dieting. This conception is absolutely wrong. Think it otherwise. Superfoods have been specifically selected and designated as a means of healthy living. So when a pregnant lady starts consuming these, she will definitely be benefited.

Balance the nutrients with superhoods during pregnancy

Both during the pregnancy and breastfeeding period, mothers have to be very careful about their diet. On one hand, you cannot be deprived of calories and on the other, you will have to eat enough of proteins, vitamins and minerals for the growth and immunity development of the baby. So the diet has to be accordingly shaped by bringing a balance between the nutrients and they are definitely larger in amounts than you have consumed during normal times. This is how superfoods have entered in the routine diet of a pregnant woman.

Plan of the diet chart

Make your diet rich in natural food and start with fresh fruits. Grapes, lemons and oranges are very important during those days. Especially as a dessert item, always prefer the fruit first. If you dont want to have it raw, prepare juice. Oh yes, pumpkin and watermelon juices are great antioxidants for the body and to keep you healthy and steady during pregnancy, these super fruit juices are just perfect. They will also boost the immunity of the little one lying in your womb.

There is as such no bar on vegetables at this stage. But you must be careful of one thing. Just for the sake of calories dont start taking high carbohydrates. Include potatoes in the course of your preparation but the key vegetables should be beans, peas, carrots, beats, spinach and oats. Dont forget to have some garlic, a superfood that will protect you and from deadly diseases like cancer. Moreover garlic adds taste to whatever you cook, especially chicken, turkey meat or vegetable gravy.

It is again a mistake to think that butter is good for pregnant ladies. Instead of cooking in butter, it has been suggested by superfood nutritionists to prepare cuisines with margarine or vegetable oil. If you prepare it in that way, the chances of fat deposition in your body will be lowered and you will stay light and fit. You will likely not have problems with drowsiness and acidity during these nine months.

After fruits, vegetables and meat proteins, the most important thing in the mothers diet is milk, which is the complete food. If you dont find any problem in taking simple milk, it is pretty fine. But most having vomiting tendencies, face the problem with direct drinking of milk. In that case yogurt is compulsory and yogurt is a rich superfood. Just keep yourself away from the temptations of beverages, wine and alcohol. If you can even say no to tea and coffee, thatll be better for you.

All these things you will have to follow for a year and a bit more. You can get back to your normal diet after the birth of the baby. And if you feel good with the change, just carry on. Wont you do this much for a healthy welcome to the little one coming onto this earth?