Superfood for your brains: Strawberry, blueberry and omega-3 fatty acid

By Charles Hopkins Published 10/14/2006 | Food & Drink

The researchers have found to keep your brain healthy even after sixty, you require some kind of superfood. Only a normal balanced diet wont be able to fulfill all the nutrients a person at that age requires. The scientists have found out that blueberry and strawberry extracts in some way can keep you safe while aging and also protect you from harmful radiations.

Now dont think that you wont age at all if you start having these things. No, it is not like that. Actually the functioning of your brain is very steady even at this age if those berry extracts become an important part of your diet.

Remedies from radiations

Regarding protection from dangerous radiations, researchers have tried to prove that these fruit extracts serve the astronauts in a protective manner. The astronauts spend a great deal of time in space and become the most sensitive victims of the emitted rays from the celestial objects. But if the berry extract is included in their diet, the major problems they face due to the radiation from different sources can be recovered. Skin problems can be treated by consuming blueberry and strawberry extracts.

Protecting your nervous system

Blueberry extracts keep your nervous system in a stable condition and prevents it from any type of oxidative damage. Therefore even when you are old, your senses and brain will perform their functions to the optimum. You will enjoy the youthful spirit and remain fresh from within if your nervous system functions well when all others at your age are simply worn out from their work regimen.

One more thing has been recently discovered and that is blueberry extracts are best for keeping the cholesterol level in control. If your cholesterol level has increased, instead of taking medicines, if you start taking blueberry extracts, you will feel better with this natural remedy and that will not likely have any side-effects.

For the good health of your brain

Apart from blueberry and strawberry extracts as superfoods, the importance of omega-3 fatty acids lay in keeping your brain in a healthy state. DHA or docosahexaenoic acid holds a major part of the gray matter in the brain. And as you are aware of the brain signals, for their proper function and transmission of signals, DHA is the most important of all.

You can get omega-3 fatty acid from cod liver oil. Whenever cod liver oil comes to your mind you normally take it for granted as a childs massage oil. To combat disorders like rickets in kids, cod liver oil proves to be a great remedy. Many of you are really unaware that apart from vitamin compensation, this particular oil can provide your body with necessary amount of omega-3 fatty acid or DHA whichever way you love to refer it.

Superfood for pregnant ladies

Not only aging or childs well being are improved by superfoods, they also have broader roles to play. Hence, superfoods are a must for the pregnant ladies as well. During pregnancy, the babys growth in the mothers womb has to be taken care of through the mothers diet and health. Omega-3 fatty acid is very important for a pregnant woman because the growth of the childs brain and its function largely depends on it. And even after the birth of the child, this fatty acid keeps nourishing the growth of the babys brain and the babys healthy being.