Superfood to shed your extra pounds: Know them now

By Charles Hopkins Published 10/14/2006 | Food & Drink

Worried about the extra few pounds that you are readily putting on? Are you becoming confused regarding your diet? Are you really becoming paranoid since you found the newly bought jeans not fitting on your waist? The waistline has got a slight change. It has only increased by two inches.

Diet, exercise, gym - you just dont know what to follow. Well would you like to think a bit unconventionally? Why dont you include superfoods in your diet? They will keep you healthy and also help you to shed off the extra pounds you have put on. Feeling a bit depressed to think in the superfood way? Dont worry because superfood doesn't only concentrate on herbs and plants like the myth, you can have even delicious and tasty things. So check out the diet chart and start following it without any delay.

Tasty turkey can easily be put into course

You must be happy now. If you really want to put off those extra inches around your waistline stop having beef, mutton and pork. You can still have a little amount of chicken but best would be turkey meat. And turkey is a superfood. By virtue of its low-fat content and higher nutritional value, turkey has been considered as a superfood. In comparison to beef, your intake half the amount of fat if you have turkey.

Start having more vitamins

So here you will have to add more fruits and vegetables in your diet. Actually you need to create a balance for maintaining your body weight. You cant deprive yourself from the necessary nutrients but you will have to check the consumption of oil, fat and rich carbohydrates. Those gaps will be filled by more vitamins and minerals to retain the strength of your body and also keep you healthy.

Start putting tomatoes in everything you want to have them with. From salads to soup, take this Vitamin C rich fruit which also can shed off fat from your body. Whether you know or not, tomatoes have a particular type of amino acid known as carnitine that in fact burns off the fatty layers you have unnecessary put on.

Apart from tomatoes, blue berries, strawberries, papayas and that juicy fruit watermelon can befittingly give you the body shape you have desired for. It is no magic. You just cant start having these haphazardly and feel good that you will succeed in your weight reducing mission. Things have to be consumed routine wise and in a controlled manner. And then do some exercises by fixing up a regular schedule and soon you will observe the changes. This is exactly the superfood style to make you look slim and healthy.

Replace milk with yogurt

After a certain age when you are in your thirtys, milk is no more your cup of tea. It is a misconception that drinking a glass of milk will keep you steady always. When your body fails to digest the milk protein, why then unnecessarily think in a milky way?

You are right that some amount of protein in one form or the other is needed by the body. And yogurt is a superfood that will compensate this nutrient. Also it will keep a control on your weight as the protein gets diluted in the fermentation process with the bacterial reaction and add a charm on your body.

Would you like to check out the difference instead of spending plenty of money at a gym? You will definitely be able to reduce your weight if you strictly follow the superfood diet. Now it is completely your decision.