The micronutrient at the superfood level! Dont ignore it!

By Charles Hopkins Published 10/14/2006 | Food & Drink

Though it sounds micro, but in fact plays the macro role in the world of superfood. The reason is simple but unavoidable in todays world. Feeding on superfood is a way of looking at life in an alternative way. You may take it like this. But erasing all bars of time, feeding on superfood is actually building bonhomie between nature and man. Thus, nature the ultimate protector of mankind will once again rise up and prevent you in various forms.

The micronutrients present in superfood cannot be therefore compensated through any other means. Or thinking from a different angle, these micronutrients have actually segregated some foods as superfoods.

Key micronutrients shaping the superfood way

Antioxidants, minerals (both at the macro and trace levels) and vitamins can be referred as micronutrients but play the major role to make your superfood nutritious and healthier. Dont get puzzled or perplexed by the term micronutrient.

As you know in normal ways of thinking about a balanced diet, carbohydrates take the lead followed by fats and then by proteins. Finally down in the hierarchy stand vitamins and minerals. In no way does a balanced diet show that these latter nutrients are of less importance but refer to them as being micronutrients. When the concept of superfood came to the forefront, the whole status quo changed and micronutrients started holding the macro importance.

The role of enzymes and amino acids also became vital. It is not that previously these had absolutely no role to play. But of course superfood relies a lot on them. For example, papaya is a key source proteolytic enzyme and the superfood nutritionists hold it to be of great importance in human life. For manufacturing of new cells in the body and repairing and replacing the old ones, the proteolytic enzyme is essential. Similarly, pineapple is treated as a superfood due to this enzymatic reaction.

Micronutrients extends your life span

This is exactly what the antioxidants present in superfoods do. Antioxidants and aging have deep-rooted connections. There is a constant process of oxidation going on inside your body. The more you oxidize from within, the more amount of oxygen is used up. As a consequence you are deprived of energy and start losing your jovial and high-spirited way of living. Thus your age seems to bump up from what you really are.

Antioxidants as a reverse action stop this energy depreciation process. It stops the free radicals to act, which prohibit the cells from performing their respective actions. They are obtained from vegetables like spinach and oats, dry fruits like nuts and juicy fruits like grapes and watermelons, as well as, a number of berries like blueberry, cherry and raspberry. When you have these superfoods, you are actually feeding yourself not only with antioxidants but also with Vitamin C and Vitamin B in its different forms. Therefore at the same time your body is being supplied with different micronutrients.

Among beverages you can rely on getting a constant supply of micronutrients through green tea. If you are addicted to something, it is high time that you shift your taste to green or herbal tea. This medicinal tea will boost your immune system and guard your cells from any type of damage. Dark chocolate also has large amounts of antioxidants and have been recently given the status of superfood for the presence of the micronutrients.

Do you still think that the micro is actually micro and have only a meager role to play? Just think about it another way. And thats super!