Vital power in chlorophyll! The superfood greens

By Charles Hopkins Published 10/14/2006 | Food & Drink

What is green in superfoods? Let us look at it from this point. For the best possible answer, superfoods can be defined as natural foods which have superfood value, nutritious and greater sources of energy. But the magic of super power in superfoods lies somewhere else. In general you may think that if superfood is a high source of energy, automatically it has to provide you with large amount of calories. The common conclusion will therefore be that the superfoods are rich and heavy. It is just the opposite.

The vitality of superfood has been termed as high energy givers but in terms of low carbohydrates and fats without making you feel heavier in the slightest form. For the students, superfoods act as a memory tonic, for the office goers they are revitalizing pills and for home makers the sole source of energy to keep you straight on your toes the whole day.

From the core of nature

Nature and superfoods are complimentary to one another. If you want to seek suggestions from a doctor or a dietitian, the response would be the same. For an instant source of energy in todays world, superfoods are the best and again for the long-term effects on your health they are heavenly. You wont bend over and will stand erect even at seventy-five, if from now on you incorporate superfood in your regular diet.

Being more close to nature and having a natural diet will serve as the greatest benefit to mankind. In our fast living we dont even get time to breathe properly and tend to forget about the importance of fresh oxygen. But researchers have proven that superfoods can compensate this deficiency. The powerhouse of chlorophyll will make the difference in your health conditions and keep you perfectly fit throughout your lifetime.

Broader perspective of the green sources

Wheat grass and barley: the most common

Wheat grass is a natural source of chlorophyll. Until now, you were probably only aware of the fact that chlorophyll is a pigment in plants with the help of which the plants manufacture their own food. But this, on the other hand, can serve you with the most vital nutrients required for your growth and health. Wheat grass provides  your body with a gamut of nutrients almost covering all the vitamins B, vitamin C, vitamin K, amino acids, iron, protein and calcium that it needs for optimum health.

Barley is a rich producer of iron and calcium including essential amino acids and potassium. Of course the vitamin list is also lengthy in this case. Above all you dont have to take the trouble of cooking barley.

Spinach and beet root: the green and red combo

Both these vegetables are great sources of vitamins and minerals. Being rich in iron and calcium, these keep your body clean and refreshed from within. They are the most vital food products to keep your hemoglobin level of blood in the normal count required specifically to maintain good health. As a footnote, you should remember that beet root juice must be a part of a females regular diet.

Chlorella and Alfalfa: Richest of all

Though this is a unicellular organism and normally known as green algae but this is one of the richest sources of protein. The distribution of protein and essential amino acids in this microbe is 60:40 and apart from these, chlorella is also a good source of vitamin C and B complex.

Alfalfa is one of the richest sources of minerals. In Arabian countries this is often referred to as the Father of foods. So does it require any more justification, why should it be a part of your diet?  

Eat more greens because they will provide you with natural energy leaving you without any side effects. Got it?