Vitamins and minerals: The important links of your superfood

By Charles Hopkins Published 10/14/2006 | Food & Drink

Superfoods have little to do with carbohydrates and fat. By now though, you must have got the fundamental link to what makes superfoods super. Well, precisely the vitamin and mineral contents in a particular food or food product plays a predominant role upon deciding something as a superfood. You can really mark them as icons for superfood. And thereafter it is the benefit these superfoods provide in a very natural way.

The most severe and deadly diseases like cancer and cardiac problems have found superfoods a way to stay healthy even in that critical state. Most minerals and all most all of the vitamins from A to K are found in the superfoods at some level or another. What you must know are the foods that should become an important part of your diet. And of course these are superfoods.

Lecithin for liver

Lecithin is a superfood which keeps your liver in good condition and prevents it from any type of jaundice attack. For the absorption of nutrients during the final part of the digestion process, de-oiled lecithin helps it out to a great extent as an emulsifying medium in the body.

Naturally it contains the essential fatty acids; those are treated as components of superfood, like omega -3 and it is also rich in major minerals like potassium and magnesium including many more. One very interesting feature of lecithin will make you jump with joy, especially if you are a student. Why? Lecithin helps you to concentrate more on your studies and above all, you will remember things more easily. So learning your lessons with lecithin will make it much easier.

Kelp keeps you fit

Iodine deficiency in your body can give rise to severe problems and completely mess up your health. Though you dont need it in large amounts, the minimum requirements must be met. The balance of iodine in your body is very important and in both cases whether the amount is more or less, thyroid problems in different forms can be observed in your body.

Kelp helps to create this balance. As it may be difficult to include any sea vegetables in your diet because you find them to be a bit awkward, kelp can provide you with the same benefit without direct consumption. The better way to have kelp is either as a supplement after your meal or if you cant swallow then go for a powder pack.

Microbe as superfood

Blue-green alga is a microbe and also a superfood. Mostly found in the ponds, this alga in its two forms, spirulina and chlorella, these are great nutritients for an overall healthy being and also keeps your body clear of several diseases.

Spirulina and chlorella are rich in vitamin B and its various forms and vitamin C. they also contain the essential amino acids and act as great absorbents for the body. They help in the digestion process and also act as roughage for proper release to keep you clean from within. So as a part of superfood these microbes help to create a balance in what you take and what you give up.

It is high time you pay more attention to your health and under no circumstance, just get driven by your urge that can affect you negatively in regards to your health. Even if they are microbes, they are of great value.