How to celebrate Thanksgiving in your very own way with family and friends?

By Charles Hopkins Published 10/14/2006 | Social Issues

Thanksgiving enhances the bonding of relations. It is a time to come together and enjoy each other. In the fast pace of daily life, how much time do we sincerely devote for even our nearest and closest friends and family? We are so often caught up in the whirlpool of work and its pressures. We see work as a priority and sometimes an excuse to ignore our social life. Moments like Thanksgiving remind us of the very essence of family bonding and, at least on this day, relatives and friends get an opportunity to visit their native home and celebrate the occasion in their very own way.

Celebrations and activities that shape Thanksgiving

Shape the holiday mood with family: It is a day when you can do whatever you like. Many Americans take this occasion as a day to revive energy and rejuvenate the spirit and feel hope for the good times ahead. If you are not staying with your family, make a point to visit your parents on this holiday and party with them.

Share your time with your life partner: Perhaps you would like to make at least part of your celebration private. Never mind, book a lovely corner at poolside for yourself and your spouse, and enjoy the whole day. This will relax you and soothe your nerves. Then, for dinner, visit a gala pub that serves hot turkey and chilled cocktails. At the end of the day, when you are refreshed, join the rest of the family and you can dine together.

Cooking can be really fun: For the whole year, you hardly know whats happening in the kitchen. But at least a week before Thanksgiving Day you have planned your menu for the occasion. You are ready with your chef cap and apron, knives and pans to cook on your own for the whole family, at least on that day. From turkey roast to hot white chocolate, almond cakes and cocktail punch, you prepare them all. For assistance, your wife stands by your side. This is going to be the biggest surprise for all those coming, seeing you in this new role. You, yourself, turn out to be the real gift for them.

Involve others in the preparation: It will be more fun if the whole feast is done in the courtyard lawn or in the community hall. Let the festive occasion become a common ground and a noble cause for involvement and sharing. Each person can prepare one item and join the feast. Or, everyone can be given a particular task in which to participate and so will feel fully involved in the preparation of food and other related items for the feast.

Recreation and entertainment will be another major ingredient of the day.  Instead of watching a movie or visiting a theater, wouldnt it be fun to arrange for a small function arranged with cultural items at your own place? Someone can play the guitar and someone can sing country folk songs. Dances and a skit can be rehearsed, particularly for this event. If you want to celebrate in a bigger way, why not take the initiative to prepare a script about the events at Plymouth Rock and enact a play on the evening of Thanksgiving Day?

This will be the real fusion of time passed and moving forward into your present way of celebrating Thanksgiving.