Thanksgiving with a different mood: How about the Hawaiian style?

By Charles Hopkins Published 10/14/2006 | Social Issues

This time of the year has always been party time. Its time to get into a festive mood and rejoice with family and friends. This year, however, you are not in the mood to follow the conventional ways of celebrating that you have been practicing since childhood. To add a new tempo to the spirit of Thanksgiving, how about going with a tropical flair? Yes, this year Thanksgiving Day will be celebrated in the Hawaiian style.

The Hawaiian specialty

Hawaiian luau - have you heard of it? Its not turkey, but roasted pig that are to be the central attraction this year. The party will include Hawaiian folk songs, music of Hawaiian slack key guitar and hula dances. The party is normally arranged under the open sky in order to feel the thrill of the natural climate. This is the traditional Hawaiian form, but you can easily use your garden or backyard for this purpose.

Along with roasted pig, you will need a side dish and, for a change of taste, some sweet items are a must. Hawaiians celebrate their Thanksgiving in a comprehensive manner. They cover every detail to make the event a gala one with fun, food and frolic. The roasted pig is normally served with a fish item. It is a special kind of fish preparation where the fish is steamed and covered in taro leaf and, when you eat, you only consume the fish and not the leaf.

Pupu is another popular side dish that goes along with the luau. Pupu can be served either hot or cold and is prepared with pineapple chunks, special macadamia nuts and coconut crunches. Wontons, along with barbecued meat, are added to these fruits. Pupu can be a rich starter course and should be served when your guests first arrive. Then, you can begin with the cultural presentations.

Among the sweet dishes, the Hawaiians love to prepare their sweet egg bread and guava cake. The fruit punch will enrich your appetite and should be served before the main dinner. Do you feel anything has been left out? Only your initiative to prepare all of this and, thus, create a Hawaiian ambience to celebrate Thanksgiving in the Hawaiian mood will be required.

The Hawaiian ambience

If you have already decided to celebrate Thanksgiving Day in the Hawaiian style, you might like to fill the area with Hawaiian decorations. Both indoors and outdoors, at least for this particular day, everything must look truly Hawaiian.

In the Hawaiian culture, Thanksgiving was also a part of the harvest season and in a traditional manner the homage was paid to God for such a good harvest that year. That is why they chose the winter season to celebrate this festival. Specifically, the day when the moon hit the first phase was considered to be the day of thanksgiving. Every home was decorated with leaves and flowers, rejoicing in the existence of man in the lap of nature.

So now, amid your busy days, on this particular day, you can be one with nature and decorate your house and its surroundings with strips of flowers and leaves of different colors. Invite your friends and all your near and dear ones to admire your new way of adapting an ancient tradition in celebrating Thanksgiving Day.