The vegetarian way to serve Thanksgiving dinner: Also yummy!

By Charles Hopkins Published 10/14/2006 | Social Issues

Treating your guests with vegetarian dishes can be an alternative, but it could also be the prime menu. It is difficult to think of Thanksgiving without turkey and all the delicious non-vegetarian cuisines, but many people, for many reasons, prefer the vegetarian course. For some, the health factor is most important. For others, they find the taste of meat unappetizing and normally keep their distance whenever it is being served. Who says vegetarian dishes are drab? They can be very tasty if you really know the preparations well.

Think in a clear vegetarian way

There is a long list of what vegetarians love to eat. First, you can quite easily find out what things they specifically avoid. A pure vegetarian will definitely say no to any type of meat. They will also not eat fish or fish products. They dont mind eggs, milk products and honey.

If the person is a pure vegan, the food list will change for them. Meat, pork, fowl, fish and turkey will definitely be out of the question, but they will also stay away from eggs and honey. You might call them orthodox, but as milk is an animal product, they will refuse to have it as well as anything prepared from it.

The difference becomes clear to you. When you are inviting a number of guests for the Thanksgiving dinner, it is very difficult to know who likes what and all about their restrictions regarding such and such foods. To be on the safe side, it is always better to list all those who are vegetarians and make a note of their choices before organizing and deciding what to prepare.

Keep things simple in the very way the vegetarians like

Whatever you prepare. use refined vegetable oils especially when you bake pie crust. Also fry vegetables, not in butter or animal fats, but in vegetable oils.


It is a complete no to the turkey. For your non-vegetarian guests, you have prepared a delicious stuffing for inside the turkey neck cavity. What are you going to prepare for the vegans? For them, too, you can make stuffing, but use vegetables and corn. Vegetable burgers with carrots, beans and potatoes are very tasty.


Vegetarian gravy can be a special item on the menu for Thanksgiving. White flour, yeast, soy sauce and white mushrooms are the main ingredients. The rest like salt, pepper, sauce for seasoning and vegetable oil for cooking. This gravy will bring the perfect vegetarian mood to the dining table. In no way is this less nutritious than the turkey curry or any other non-vegetarian dish.


Vegan biscuits and vegan nut roasts are very popular. The nut roasts are mainly cashew nut preparations made of bread, soup stalk and raw cashews. Vegan biscuits are prepared of flour and almond milk with baking powder and salt.


You must not forget to keep sweet breads and different types of seasonal fruits, including dry fruits, for your guests.


You can prepare green salads and desserts, specifically non-gelatin, to serve to your vegetarian friends.

You might feel that even if a thousand vegetarian dishes are cooked, they cannot satisfy the non-vegetarian taste, but you might be wrong. Watch the pleasure a vegetarian takes in having all these preparations of which he or she is so fond. These are really mouthwatering to them.