Treat your Thanksgiving with relishing recipes

By Charles Hopkins Published 10/14/2006 | Social Issues

Yummy! Does this sound like too little for the thanksgiving celebration? It is exactly so. Thanksgiving Day means, more and more, delicious cuisines to munch on, whatever you wish to eat. How can Thanksgiving Day be celebrated without the various flavors of special, seasonal and delicious recipes, from soups to desserts, stuffing to turkey dishes? Dont forget the cakes with icing and the chocolate-layered pastries. Now your mouth must be watering.

Dont get too excited, instead, why dont you learn some of these items and make your celebration fabulous this year? While there are a couple of months till Thanksgiving Day, its not too early to start thinking about preparations for your dinner. If you can cook some delicious food on your own for your near and dear ones, it adds so much to your pleasure, as well as theirs.

Something traditional: Herb stuffing

Herb stuffing is prepared with bread and poultry stock with onions and stalk celery. The other ingredients normally used are butter, salt, pepper, rosemary, sage, parsley and garlic. The quantities range somewhere between half a teaspoon and a full teaspoon and, of course, sometimes it is better decided by your taste buds.

The initial preparation will take very little time. Just fry the onion pieces and minced garlic in the melted butter with salt, pepper, etc. When that is ready, mix the whole thing together with the finely cut pieces of bread and the stock. Once the herb stuffing is prepared, what is left to do is simple. Fill the neck cavity of the turkey with the stuffing and bake it well. Oh yes! The baking procedure will take around an hour and it will be done in a baking dish with butter coating. The initial phase will be done with a cover or piece of foil on the top.  Do this for the last fifteen minutes.  The herb stuffing in the turkey cavity will be baked without any cover and you can observe the color slowly turning brownish, just right for serving.

Something special, something light: Cream and Crab soup

You can begin your celebrations with a delightful bowl of cream and crab soup. This will be a teaser item to raise everyones appetite. If you want to reduce the amount of calories, avoid butter and use margarine to prepare the soup. Shredded crabmeat is the main ingredient.

To begin, fry the minced onion, celery and sauté. Two teaspoons of flour are then added and mixed well along with skim milk. The whole preparation should be done on a low heat while continuing to stir. You have to thoroughly mix everything for the proper taste to come through. Salt and pepper and sauce will balance the taste. A teaspoon or two of white wine will make it delicious. When should you add the crabs? The final touch is to boil the crab meat with the other half of the soup. Serve it without delay it is to be enjoyed hot.

Something chocolaty: chocolate bar fondue

Chocolates are the best part of any celebration! And for Thanksgiving Day, it is a must. For someone special, you can prepare chocolate bar fondue with milk chocolate, coffee and cream. This is truly mouthwatering. Heat around 32 ounces of chocolate and add cream so that the whole thing reaches the melting stage. Then, you can stir in hot water with vanilla flavor and powdered coffee. To sweeten it for your sweet heart, a teaspoon of white sugar will do.

What are you waiting for? Prepare it now and taste it. If you are satisfied, serve it to your beloved this Thanksgiving Day.