Toys in traditional looks: Thanksgiving gifts

By Charles Hopkins Published 10/14/2006 | Social Issues

Thanksgiving Day comes once a year, but the preparations for the day are long and can continue for several weeks and sometimes even for months. This occasion is blended with several small things to preserve the traditional theme. As turkeys are prepared as the main dish to serve at dinner, this bird gains a symbolic stature, and various things are crafted accordingly. Similarly, turkey toys are made for sharing as gifts on Thanksgiving.

The turkey toys

Turkeys are everywhere on Thanksgiving. In the domain of crafts and toys, you cant  get away from it. Turkey couples sitting together is one such toy that the kids are most fond of. This is actually a soft toy made in China exclusively for the Thanksgiving event, and children like it more because the couples move their heads to the beats of music.

Without music and movement, soft toys in the shape of turkeys are made in plenty during the season, just as Santa dolls are made when the Christmas season is in swing. Turkeys are also carved out of wood, and small wooden toys are made for kids to play with.  They can also be placed as showpieces in your home. They can even be used as hostess gifts for Thanksgiving if you go to someone elses home. Or you can pay thanks to your friend for coming to your party by giving him or her a pretty little wooden turkey doll.

Weave toy scarecrows for little ones

You can make scarecrow toys as a symbol of the harvest festival. Quite traditionally, the scarecrows were always thought to be the protectors of the farmers as they stood straight in the fields to frighten the stray animals and birds from eating or destroying the crops. Now, if you make a scarecrow toy it is more for fun, and the kids will love to keep them by their bedside or on their study table.

To make a straw-hat scarecrow, the focus is more on the hat. In making this scarecrow, you will need two different sizes of straw hats, artificial silken flowers and decorative ribbons. A dried wheat sprig for the body, and fresh acrylic colors to tone the harvest mood, are among the things you should get to make a straw-hat scarecrow. Yellow, in different shades, should be the primary color for painting. Arrange all the things to make the body and head of the scarecrow and, for better support, you can fold a newspaper to make the prime structure of the body. Then, place it on a wooden base. If you dont want the wooden base, never mind, just check that it stands straight on any plain base, be it a table or a shelf.

You can try out making another type of scarecrow where the hat is not so important, but the shredded gown made of straws and hay give it a real feel of a scarecrow. The materials are more or less the same, but you will need black chart paper and black acrylic paint to highlight the body parts. Where the straw-hat scarecrow will portray a doll-like cuteness, this one is going to be the perfect scarecrow. For little boys, you can keep the latter one while the cute little girls will love to play more with the straw-hat scarecrows.