Impress Your Partner With Ease Dating Ideas

By Marina John Published 10/31/2006 | Relationships

To impress your partner some dating ideas, that could attract your partner and make them happy. First and the best idea is welcome your partner with a smile and a nice hug, this start of the date will be the awesome.

1. Location for the date:

Think of a nice location for the date. Choose a location that should be public area and not much crowded. Location selection is a tough part of dating. Arrange a date on the beach in evening, both  can walk on the wet sand with nice silence, If is possible then go for an resort where different types of games or a proper talk can be possible with each other. Other locations are river, museum etc.

2. What you wear, when you go for Date: Dress up:

It is visual tool that make your partner impress at first sight,

1.       Wear the dress in which you feel comfortable, dont wear the cloths that you are not used to wear, that make you uncomfortable and feel easy.

2.       Wear shoes in which you are comfortable and move easily.

3.       Suitable haircut with dress up

4.       Simple makeup makes you very beautiful.

5.       Ware a nice smile on your face.

3. Gifts:

Bring a nice gift for your partner which he/she likes very much; wrap in a nice wrapper. When you meet, told to open gift that time and tell them how much they are special for you. If you cant afford to buy an expensive gift to your partner then just give a bunch of flowers and if you manage to get red roses then this will awesome.  Another really expensive gift is Look into your partners eyes and say I Love You. Eyes never lie.

4. Payment of date:

In today's society, generally this rule is that the person who pursues the other is the one that should pay for the date. I think the guy should pay the bill, but its not like that always his wallet get cut. When he has some problem to pay the bill then girl should pay the bill. This will make your relationship more transparent.

Finally at the end of a day, dont forget to kiss on forehead and say I Love You.

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