Exciting Ways to Communicate With Toddlers through Sign Language

By Charles Hopkins Published 11/2/2006 | Parenting

Enrolling into baby signing classes proves to be particularly rewarding and enriching for young toddlers as well as their parents. For these toddlers who havent yet started to speak properly, the baby signing language provides alternative ways of communication with their parents. The toddlers up to the age of 18 months are ideal for participating in such kind of programs.

The children in this age group develop certain personal liking and disliking and they know for sure what they actually want. The only problem is that they want, but they don't know how to get their message across. The signing language lifts up this barrier. It lets the child show their needs and demands. When their needs are satisfied the reason for frustrations are no longer there and there are also no tantrums or other kinds of messes.

Teaching signing language to the toddlers can be the most rewarding experience. It is a lot of fun too, because at this juncture, the toddlers really want to communicate. But they might not have acquired the adequate capacity to put their thoughts in spoken language. At this stage their speeches are also not clear. Signing can enhance their ability to express. It helps them to put their wishes in a way that is easily understandable by the others.

Here is a step-by-step guide to help your toddler sail through the signing process:

Take part in the audio-visual program

You can watch the popular signing videos along with your child. These videos specially made for the toddlers are full of engaging activities and music that will interest them to pick up the signs quickly and more easily. You can also perform your share of dancing and singing to make your child more interested in his signing lessons.

Be consistent in the use of the signs

Make it a point to use the signs on a frequent basis.  For example, during the lunch and dinner you can teach him the signs that relate to his meals like water, milk etc. Another very basic word that can be taught at the mealtime is MORE. First enquire whether he needs more helping of a food and then serve more foods on his plate. Also make a sign of MORE, every time you utter the word. Thus repeating the word over and over again and using the sign on a constant basis, you will soon be able to receive response from him.

Read it out to teach him sign

Reading can be the very useful method to teach signs to your toddling child.  While you read to him, he becomes the part of the whole process and thus the episode becomes utterly enjoyable for him. While you are reading out you have to make the gesture corresponding to the word every time it comes back at the page. Reading together the fun stories will help him to pick up the words really fast.


The children are naturally attracted to the beauty and rhythm of the music. It will be easier for you to teach him a particular sign, if the word is repeated times and again in the song.

Thus, there are various methods of teaching your toddler the useful sign language. Join a course or simply invest in a range of books and videos to learn about more innovative ways to open up your childs communication gateway.