Why Do Babies Use Sign Language To Express?

By Charles Hopkins Published 11/2/2006 | Parenting

There was a time when parents used to discourage their children from using signs in their efforts to communicate something. But days have changed and the previous theories are constantly getting challenged and replaced by the findings of modern researches. The myths surrounding the sign languages are no exception. Todays experts believe, far from a being a deterrent to their speaking abilities sign language training actually proves to be beneficial for over all development. So no wonder that baby signing schools and programs gaining in rapid popularity.

The researches are meant to open up the world of unknown and the researches surrounding the stages of developments of the children are no exception. It has been found that babies can recognize the signs when they are even few months old. This phenomenon is more prominent in the homes where the parents are deaf and mute. However, the normal hearing children can do the same if they are trained in the process properly.

Baby sign language can be the conduit of myriad messages between the child and the parent.

Now what induces the child to use sign language as a mode of communication? Since, the vocal chord of the baby has not been matured perfectly to make her able to speak; the baby needs some other channel of expression. Since by this time your baby has achieved the manual dexterity or the ability to manipulate her hands or fingers to a specific end, this ability can well be used to convey her thoughts and demands.

Thus, you will find the children develop certain sign languages naturally without any teaching or outside stimulation. As for example, she would shake her head vehemently in protest if you try to make her drink more milk after her stomach has gone full. Similarly she will nod her head in agreement if you offer to play with her with the most favorite teddy bear. By the time your baby steps into her seventh or eighth month, she automatically learns to wave her hands to say good-bye or naturally point towards the people whom she can recognize by name. The older babies will push each other either in zest or in anguish.

Thus, you will find a number of occasions when your baby is signing naturally without any systematic instruction. But even then, your baby would need to add some more signs to her non-verbal vocabulary.

Wondering why? Just because she needs to express her feelings and share her thoughts the same way you need to. Why do you think some children cry more and throw greater tantrums than the others? This is because they are more frustrated, because the communication between the baby and the parents is not proper. No, it is not the fault of the parents in any way---only the understanding of the parents does not match with that of their babys demands.

But the same difficult baby will do much better if she is introduced in the world of signing language.

As the baby is empowered with the tool of communication, she will have more control over her environment and that will calm her down. She will also be more trusting as well as more confident. Thus there will be a total transformation in the childs personality that every body will be able to notice.

Are you a new parent?

Do you want to make every bit of your parenting experience funny and exciting?

Do you want to remain stress free as far as possible during your child rearing days?

And more importantly, do you want to make the growing up days of your baby fulfilling in every sense of the term?

Then you must consider training your little angel in some sort of sign language. With that your baby will no longer need to cry to let you know that he is hungry, or you will not need to make the research as big as to earn a doctorate to figure out why the little thing is tearing the home upside down by her shrill screaming!