Basic Fitness Guide for Good Health of Seniors

By Charles Hopkins Published 11/2/2006 | Health

So you have retired in style without any financial insecurity to eat you up through your golden years. In these years money alone, however, cannot buy you the peace and happiness that you so much deserve! It is ultimately health that counts the most in these ripe years.

Just imagine those days prior to your retirement when you longed for your retirement. You thought maybe you would set out for a world tour, possibly resume your hobby of painting since the busy professional life never gave you time to indulge in these things. Maybe you just wished you could spend more time with your grandchildren and might enjoy reminiscing with them about your own childhood!

None of this will be possible unless you take good care of your health, for a healthy life alone can promise you a retired life full of fun, happiness and enthusiasm.

Keeping fit is a prolonged process. Suddenly one day, you find that you cannot maintain a fit and healthy body. You should start thinking about your health seriously as you step into the middle age and take extra care so that you are able to live your life in the future in an independent manner! This is the time when you should start taking extra protection to avoid any injury that might have a debilitating effect on your health. Back all your efforts up with healthy, balanced diet.

Even if you are a follower of regular exercise regimen, now it is the time for incorporating certain changes to adapt the regimen to your growing age. So switch on to age-specific training to enjoy a fuller, healthier and happier life ahead.

In a nutshell, at this stage of your life, your fitness goals should be to delay the process of aging and preventing its invasions wherever possible. What is actually meant by aging? Aging involves losing some of your physical abilities and much of your mental clarity. In addition, you may suffer from such chronic conditions as osteoporosis, kidney and bladder problems or constipation. You become defenseless against heat and cold. As a rule, you lose 20 percent of your body's water content, and 35 percent of your ability to pump blood from the heart. Your taste buds also gradually cease to appreciate the tastes of good foods.

So you are thinking that old age is going to be too tough to pull through? Not at all! You have the power in yourself to reverse or slow down the wheel of time to stall the aging process within your system! You will simply need to lead a balanced lifestyle. No matter if you are an ardent fan of McDonalds you have to completely give up the consumption of junk foods. Instead, include in your diet lots of fibrous, antioxidant rich foods, fresh fruits, leafy vegetables, whole grains etc. Also, forsake your love for alcohol in anticipation of a happy retired life ahead. Say goodbye to your good old cigars, too. And most importantly, back them up with regular physical activities to live a happy and healthy life.