Types of Health Homes for the Seniors

By Charles Hopkins Published 11/2/2006 | Health

Your home is not a mere construction of wood and concrete. Home is the place where your soul lies. For so many years, this home remained a big part of your life and so many important events took place here. Its a place that has made a big contribution in things turning out as they are today. When it comes to the decision of leaving your home to start living in some kind of retirement community, it becomes a highly sentimental issue.

It is easy to brush off the idea of choosing some kind of health home when you are comparatively fit and active. As you grow older, your physical capabilities start to diminish gradually. It is too much to expect that every time you need some care or medical attention, your children, whom professional demands may have taken to different parts of the country, will rush back to you to make necessary arrangements for providing care.

At the same time you want to live a life that is full of dignity and you want your share of freedom and privacy in your retired life. You can have all of this in the health homes meant for seniors.

In order to make an informed decision, you have to know about the features of the modern health homes for senior citizens. To begin with, senior health homes these days have acquired a different meaning altogether. Most importantly, peoples outlook towards them has changed greatly. No more do people perceive them as a kind of boring boarding house where octogenarians, abandoned by their family and relatives, come to spend the last few days of their lives!

You just say the word health home for the seniors and it will conjure up a range of modern amenities and a cheery atmosphere, coupled with a myriad of advanced health care facilities. There are several kinds of health homes to choose from. While some health homes incorporate the spirit of community living, some others are based on the principle of assisted living. In general, you will come to find the following major types of health homes for the seniors:

Assisted living: For those people who value the privacy of home most, assisted living is a kind of blessing. This kind of arrangement allows you to stay in your home, but you get assistance in running your household as well as carrying out some of your daily chores such as dressing, feeding, bathing, taking medicines etc.

Retirement community: This kind of living is gradually becoming most popular among the seniors. You can choose a retirement community according to your social status or personal tastes. For instance, there are retirement communities that take the members belonging to a certain faith or religious community, or it may be composed of the members of certain professions for instance, doctors. This feature helps you to live in the close proximity to like-minded people and life never becomes boring. You can even get a single-family accommodation in a retirement community. The social and recreational facilities offered by these senior homes, will make your retirement days extremely interesting.

Nursing homes: For the senior people who need round the clock medical attention and nursing care on a 24-hour basis, the nursing homes are the best place to stay. This arrangement is suitable for not only those with chronic ailments or disabilities; they are also suitable for those undergoing short-term rehabilitation.

Continuing-Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs): You combine the three types of senior health homes - independent living, assisted living and nursing home care and you will get Continuing-Care Retirement Communities. These health homes are meant to provide specific care that you may need in the various phases of your older years.

Thus, you will find different types of health homes for the seniors. You have to make a decision on the basis of what you would like and what you are ready and willing to sacrifice.