By Martha Winslet Published 04/17/2006 | Self Improvement

#      Thoughts, the master of mind; it controls the mind which in general is the root cause of our sorrows and happiness. Thoughts generally restless; it roams constantly even in unconscious and semi conscious stages. Though sometimes it may purport to have some rational significance of relentless motion but ultimately its a futile attempt to search the cause of   movement of the thoughts, but certainly it does one thing i.e. bridging ones past with the future. However since both Past and Future do not exist, there can not be and none can establish also, a lucid link between these two.

#      Past, Present and Future are the three stages of ones life, of which, the Past is dead, finished, perished and can not be recouped.

#      Future is similarly non- existing, none has seen the future, think about and trying to build up future is purely speculative. When nobody is assured of his next breath how foolishness it is, trying to create a future.

#      Thus the only thing left is the Present. The word Present literally means Gift, the one which can be felt, seen, rather have tangible effect. The Present is a status rather awareness which is a material one, and can be enjoyed and rejoiced. If truth be told, its a gift of heaven. Among the three stages, the only one which really exists and can be acted upon is the Present.

#      Here are the distinctions between the Present and the other two; the Future and the Past. The latter two never exist and so unreachable whereas the Present -where the body is. The mind can reach to Future and also to the Past but the body can never accompanies the mind there, though the mind always tries a futile attempt to establish a coherent link of the aforesaid stages with the Present. The deeds of the Past can at no cost be modified as per ones will nor the future be given a assured shape to the desired level.

#      Its a matter to ponder about, whats the outcome in thinking about the Past? Can any one rewind the happenings of the past by thinking as to what could have been or what should have been done so that the things could have been better or different? That is gone and gone and theres no chance of any scope to rectify the Past. Similarly, the Future, when there is no conviction whether one can survive in the next moment or get up from his sleep the next morning, then what is the superciliousness to think and try to make the future better?

#      Instead, its always advisable to concentrate the mind where the body is, that is in the Present state and to enjoy the gift of the ecstasy to the fullest extent. Unfortunately, most of us could not reach to this state coinciding both thoughts/mind and body. Frequently our   mind is somewhere else other than where the body is. Sometimes, we go on resort or for vacation but the mind is full of thoughts of office or business and continuously working on it, alternatively, someone is in the workplace or in the study but the mind is suspended in places of amusement or recreation. This could be avoided by concentrating on the present and creating a self awareness to make the mind clear, transparent and dilemma free where an eternal piece can be achieved.  

#      If one can rein the thoughts and impede it hovering between past and future, the mind will automatically land in the Present, the state of reality and awareness. When the mind is fastened where the body is, that means in the Present, the person becomes the wisest and the enlightened one. A wise personality will control the thoughts because the thoughts get transformed into action. In this material world nothing is perpetual except the performance which leaves a permanent impression in the minds of masses and establishes a credential even the person perishes. When the thoughts are focused in the present field of action one is invariably to outperform ones own achievements and continue to reach   to the summit of success, no matter whatsoever may be the field of activity. Thus there is no substitute of controlling and focusing of thoughts to the desired level of field and thereby to master over the mind to have an edge over the others and win the crown of success.