Symptoms of Too Much Stress

By Dr. Dawn-Elise Snipes Published 11/19/2006 | Health

We only have a limited amount of energy to deal with life, and stay healthy.  When you spend too much time focusing on one area, the other areas get neglected.  Think about the last time your were sick or had  a big project due at work.   Housekeeping, relationships and sleep start to get neglected. Review the list below to see if you are over stressed.


Think about your life over the past 6 months. Read each of the following statements. Mark those that apply to you,


Mood swings

Cry a lot

Anger easily/Low frustration tolerance



Loss of a sense of pleasure in most things

Thoughts of suicide

Feelings of hopelessness or helplessness

Development of addictions: smoking, Drinking, eating disorders


Rigidity (my way or the highway)

Stifled creativity

Exaggeration of personality traits

Difficulty with problem solving

Difficulty concentrating

Difficulty getting focused/easily distracted

Difficulty taking others point of view


Changes in sleeping habits

Restless sleep


Stomach aches


Neck tension

T. M. J.

Back pain

Hyper ventilation

Frequent adrenaline rushes


Increase in number of illnesses

Increase in overall muscle tension

Longer recovery period from exercise

Sweaty palms


Hair falling out

Worsening both medical conditions such as: diabetes, high blood pressure


Reduction in number of friends

Difficulty making friends

Difficulty trusting others

Reduction in contact with friends

Reduction in recreational activities

Sense of alienation

Questioning of friends loyalty

Withdrawing from friends who represent a certain area of your life (i.e. Work)

Inability to form relationships which meet the needs of self and other

Loss of a sense of humor


Inability to appreciate the present moment

Inability to appreciate the simple things

Difficulty accepting strengths and

         weaknesses in self and others

Difficulty remaining objective

Difficulty taking others perspectives

Lack of a sense of the belongingness


Lack of a sense of purpose

Lack of a sense of commitment to anything


Ambivalence about personal ethics & values

Conformity to cultural dictates regardless of

               personal feelings (path of least resistance)


Loss of productivity

Inability to stay on task

Lack of desire to go to work

Low morale

Increased absenteeism

Reduced attention to detail

Withdrawal from coworkers

Now that you know your symptoms, identify where you are losing precious energy and how you can rebalance that to make sure the things that make life meaningful and happy are not neglected.