How to Select a Fall Wedding Theme

By Charles Hopkins Published 12/14/2006 | Marriage

To say that to undertake the selection of a theme for a wedding is an incredibly difficult action to involve oneself in would be quite the understatement. Even some of the most talented wedding planners occasionally hit a brick wall when it comes to trying to think up a memorable theme. This is a sincerely stressful undertaking, as a wedding will provide memories that will last in peoples minds. If the theme that is appropriated for the wedding falls flat, then the wedding itself will suffer. While it will not undermine the ability for the wedding to be memorable, there is the possibility that the wedding will fall short of its expectations and potential.

So how does one come about the decision to select a fall wedding theme? Clearly there has to be a distinct thought process involved in the selection as opposed to making any haphazard snap judgments or, worse, selecting a played out theme that is lacking in any originality.

One of the best ways to select a wedding theme is to base the theme around the seasons of the year and, of all the seasons the fall is an incredibly popular time of the year in which to plan a wedding. From the beauty of the fall, there is a very interesting theme that can be provided.

The fall is a season of the year that signifies rebirth and change. This could be a subtle theme that can be employed within the framework of the wedding. After all, a wedding is a rebirth of two peoples lives as instead of living singular lives, both lives are fused into one life and this conceptual duality is symbolic of rebirth.

In a round about way, the theme of the wedding could also center on the symbolism of a harvest. The fall is, after all, the harvest season in many agricultural or agrarian societies and a theme that connects the wedding and the fall season to a world of wonderful bounty can also provide an excellent environment for the wedding to take place in. This does not mean that the entire wedding should be designed around decorations that turn the wedding into a replication of a farmhouse, but it can borrow the colors and some of the decorations that would be indicative of the symbolism of the bounty than a farming community might offer. Now, this might seem like a heavy theme, but in actuality it is quite simple.

If anything, such a theme is representative of life itself and a wedding is the joining of two separate lives into one. The theme of using the concept of the fall harvest as a representation of the marriage and wedding allows the belief of hope for the future to breathe through the mere decorative peripheral look of the wedding and bring the theme to the forefront and into the participants themselves. Again, while that may sound like heavy stuff the reality is that is a clear and simple theme that many people will find interesting.