Selecting Winter Wedding Flowers

By Charles Hopkins Published 12/14/2006 | Marriage

Many times, a wedding will be judged based on the floral arrangement. So, if the floral arrangement does not fit the parameters of what constitutes an aesthetically pleasing arrangement, then the wedding may end up being less than memorable. When the wedding follows a winter theme, it is even more important that the flowers follow a look that will fit in with the overall theme or run the risk of harming the visual allure of the wedding.

The first step in selecting winter wedding flowers is not to attempt to select the flowers in a haphazard manner and to pick a talented and well-respected floral designer. Look for a floral designer who has been in the business for a while and comes with a stellar reputation. Usually the best way to make sure that the designer has a good reputation is to ask friends for first person recommendations of a top of the line designer.

Upon being recommended a quality floral designer, set up an appointment with the designer and discuss your likes and dislikes and what exactly it is you wish to have the floral arrangement represent which, in this case, would be a winter floral design. It would be wise to suggest to the floral designer that you do not wish the flower arrangement to look like a generic winter floral arrangement. For the wedding to look special, then the floral arranger needs to design something that looks different and unique. If not, then what would be the value of the winter floral arrangement?

More than likely, the floral designer will have a general idea of what type of arrangement would best serve the wedding party. However, generalities will not cut it and the floral arranger understands this so he will probe the wedding planner as to what specific wedding floral arrangements are acceptable for fitting into the theme of a winter wedding. The key here is to provide the floral arranger with direct and clear answers to his questions he asked so as to be sure that what he will design will fit perfectly into your needs. If there is a lack of clarity on both sides, then the winter floral arrangements.

Of course, it would also be wise to ask the floral arranger to provide samples and examples of his past work. This way, you will have a clear and concise idea of what type of work he or she can do and to have a visual reference for his explanations as to what type of work he will be performing when it comes to making a winter floral arrangement to your liking.

When it seems that both the wedding planner and the floral arranger are on the same page, then it is time to contract the arranger to have the necessary work performed. After all, there does come a time when meetings must end and actual, quality work needs to be performed in order to actual have that winter wedding floral display! If both the wedding planner and the floral arranger do their work properly, then the selection of the winter wedding floral arrangement will turn out to be top of the line and provide everyone with what all sides will be happy.