Home Lighting with Smart Finish: The Latest Trends

By Charles Hopkins Published 12/14/2006 | Home Improvement

Are you going to refurbish the interior of your home? Good, but you have to watch out for the latest trends in the home decor. It will help you obtain a specific direction in the doing up of your home. Weave in your own choice too and here you get a home that speaks of your unique personality!

Perhaps you have made meticulous planning about the architecture, the furnishing, the color scheme and so on. But what about the drama? To create a sense of drama, you have to emphasize on the aspect of lighting. Remember, it is the lighting scheme that can make or break the total spirit of your home décor.

As said earlier, you have to keep an eye on the trends while choosing the essential items of home décor. Of course you have to incorporate your own imagination and creativity, but the final decision should be a combination of both.

You should be very careful in choosing the decorative lights for your home. Why? Lights not only complement the architecture and the other furnishing of the room, it is the light that actually brings the final finish to the entire décor. With the proper dose of lighting at the proper place, it is possible to enhance the look of even any ordinary interior planning. The opposite happens when the lighting is not in sync with the rest of the objects of the room. Here are the overall movements that are currently taking place in the sector of lighting; when choosing the lights for your home try to incorporate these trends trickily, so that the interior of your home bears a smart up-to-date look without compromising on the classy features.

Simple understated charms:

The latest trends in lighting show a definite preference towards simplistic statement of elegance. Over ornamentation is passé, understated richness is in. So bring the dash of luxury by picking up a solid brass chandelier but stick to a minimalist approach by removing all kinds of excesses.

Mix and match between casual and sophisticated:

For being sophisticated, you do not need to be fussy; a casual lighting can be elegant and at the same time can create the desired warmth for your home. So of you want to create a relaxed environment look for those casual pieces in chic design.

Soft but futuristic:

The sleek and simple modern designs are also in thing. If you like this type of lights, make sure first that they conform to the architecture of your home.

The choice of the materials

Our motto is to keep the décor classy yet contemporary, right? For that you have to be little choosy in the material of the fixtures of lights. The glossy plastic finish is not hip anymore. The metals have made a come back once again. Choose from such classic metals as brass and copper. To add the touch of opulence you can consider using crystal chandeliers in your living room. But here also avoid excess; keep it sleek and simple.

Kitchen lights:

In our eagerness of doing up our living areas we often forget one of the vital corners of our house and that relates to the kitchen and dining room. These are the areas that require not only ample lighting, but the light must be thrown in an effective way. Thats why more and more people are using recessed cans as the   primary source of lighting in their kitchens. The under-cabinet lights and top of the cabinet lights have hugely replaced the mere decorative lights to make the kitchen area more functional. The color of the kitchen lights has acquired a slightly reddish hue.

The buzzword of the latest home décor industry is the quality. You have to be little flexible in your budget. Do not choose the plastic material just because they are cheap. The materials like bronze and glass charge a higher price, but it is just a one time cost. These materials have a timeless appeal; they will never go out of fashion.

Finally; make some good research on the internet to find more information about the latest lighting trends.