Latest Trend in the Dessert Menu Card

By Charles Hopkins Published 12/14/2006 | Food & Drink

The Christmas flavor is in the air. And you must be ready with the cuisine card of the season. What have you planned for dessert items? Whats new and different you are willing to serve this time? If you are through with your preparations checkout with ours whether you can add up a few more and if you are yet not ready, go for our readymade suggestion. Here we place before you the latest dessert menu card with mouthwatering preparations you would love to go for.

The classical touch

You can call it something like the old wine in the new bottle. Cherry crackle pop, Twinkies, Retro rolls and Moon Pies - you must have packed these desserts for your snacks time in school. Now in a different mood would you mind to include them in the dessert menu card this Christmas?

Famous pastry chefs in America are preparing these desserts to tune in a nostalgic mood during the Christmas and New Years party time. If your school friends are around town invite them in your celebration and just go yummy with those items you always stole from your friends Tiffin box. Dine on the latest dessert and cherish your sweet and old memories.

More chocolate

Chocolate is common but an unparallel choice in the dessert list. Ask anyone around you; it will be really hard to find someone saying no. Whats most wanted are chocolate mousse and chocolate soufflé. This winter party time you can serve your guests with a rich chocolaty dessert White & Dark Chocolate Bolmb. The ingredients that go in the preparation are Rich Belgium Chocolate Mousse, Tart Raspberry Coulis and Nut Tuille. Things sound irresistible, isnt it? But wait for another few days because this is going to be the special chocolate dessert for this Christmas.

Sip your dessert

Desserts you can drink are the want of the day.  Forget about the creamy toppings and the crunchy bites. Instead just sip and swallow something thats exotic and delicious. Pastry chefs are actually arranging decorative glasses this time in their bake clubs.

Pichet Ong, a renowned name in the pastry world has added a new taste to drinkable desserts. He calls it Tapioca Pearl Parfait and punches lime for aroma and flavor to the frothy layer with added cream. Sip in leisure with a straw and get enchanted with the pleasure of your drink. This can be your trial session. And host a gala party this New Year and serve this dessert drink for a change. Your taste will be appreciated by all. The chef maestro bets on it.

The cappuccino dessert style

Chef Ralph Perrazzo of Las Vegas goes for a cappuccino style with his latest dessert menu. Fried doughnuts with cinnamon and munchkin are arranged inside a bowl of cappuccino soup. You can also prepare some cream soda punched with vanilla flavor and caramel sticks. You can also include popcorns, the caramelized ones along with this cappuccino dessert.

The alternative way

But what will the diabetic ones do with this menu? No problem! Thanks to the recent development, the diabetics can also get the privilege of the dessert. For them sugar free desserts have come to occupy the celebration menu cards. Sugar-free Chocolate Fondue, Sugar Free Fudge, Butterscotch and Pumpkin Pudding, Sugar-Free Pecan Pie, Old Fashioned Applesauce Cake, Sugar Free Key Lime Pie, Sugar Free Pumpkin Pie are to name a few in the latest list.

So, it can well be said that dessert is the sweet parting of the meals as its smell and taste remain poised a long time, like souls, ready to remind us. And the approaching celebration has desserts for everyone in the menu card.