Shape Your Bedroom in the Latest Design

By Charles Hopkins Published 12/14/2006 | Home Improvement

The darkness in my bedroom is soon full of sweet reminiscence of the past and it foretells the future with same captivity. It is the bedroom where we used to sleep and stay protecting our privacies intact to the outer world.

From the time immemorial, bedroom has been a private zone to anyones life other than sleeping. And no outsider is first allowed to enter in a bedroom. He/ she would have been given a space to sit in the drawing room; it is akin to nearly every culture irrespective of class and religion.

Deep in memorable familiarity we, by nature, have an inclination to decorate this bedroom more livable and loveable. We instinctively try to garnish this part of our world. We used to change the bedroom set up, repaint with the colors that would better signify our happy slumber; sometimes we tend to write the lines on the walls to manifest our concerns for this bedroom.

In some bedrooms only the bed with some furniture is taking place, while some other bedrooms are equipped with a desk and computers, a bookshelf, and other similar objects like TV and sound systems, too. Somebody has the prior inclination for playing the musical instrument, and as such musical instrument (like piano, etc.) is sometimes found in the bedroom.

As we all know, change is the sauce of life. So, bedroom is also no exception in this case. It uses to change whenever an urge is felt by the habitants.

Latest Design Bedroom

  • Room Proportions

For a smooth action, a bedroom should have to be proportionate: In accordance with the length, width and height of any bedroom the furniture should have been placed to make the room spacious. The furniture along with the bed is to be kept properly in terms of the room size.

  • Natural Light

Whenever healthy living is the centre of discussion, light precisely the sunlight- comes to acquire the important part. Big windows should be made to let the sun light come inside, because it is very much necessary for sun light to keep ourselves in fine balance.

  • Natural Ventilation

Like sunlight, sir also important. Any bedroom should be made in such a way so as to have enough air play inside, for otherwise, the living would be unhealthy.

  • Clear Movements

Exit to balcony, toilet block or backyard (On the ground floor) is to be clear and it should not put any constraint to the persons living inside to move anywhere. Not all the bedrooms have the balcony or backyard, but the common phenomenon is that, the residents should have a comfort while moving inside the room.

  • Good Provision for the Accessories

The bedroom has to be not only spacious and airy, but also it ought to have an enough space for the home accessories to be placed in. So, if necessary, any accessory can be brought and set up without facing any difficulty.

     These are some of the universal approaches regarding how a bedroom should look like. Including all these peculiarities, there can be some development to make the bedroom trendy.

Certain Contemporary Factors of Modern Bedroom are as follows:

  • Placement of the bed A double bed is meant for two persons and is generally kept at the corner, while bunk beds need clearance and access to the upper bunk.
  • It is a recent interior taste to have the Power points/TV aerials/phone sockets together.
  • In relation to the door placement the bed is placed accordingly following the Feng Shui or similar other latest bedroom decoration principles. Sometimes a personal taste is there to dictate that placements.
  • Bed should not be placed n front of the opening wardrobes or drawers.
  • Long curtain matched with the color of the room is an all time unique idea.
  • Keeping indoor plants and herbs is very good for eyes and health.
  • Keeping a painting depicting a serene topic is also good, as it imposes a sound nature.

Considering these important factors, bedrooms can be designed and make the habitat a better place to live.