Different Aspects of Aviation Safety Measures

By Charles Hopkins Published 12/14/2006 | Security and Safety

Can you imagine what the fatality rate would be if a jumbo jet crashed? It would be a massive loss. Now just think of 220 jumbo jets crashing. Did you get paranoid? The current aircraft mishap records a figure somewhat close to that. This is absolutely true and every year the fatalities caused due to aircraft crash even reaches more than 95,000 and it is not less than 44,000. 

Aviation security has a broader aspect of combating with the terrorist attacks and the violence created by them. After the September 11 incident, the whole world was completely shattered, and the huge devastation is still fresh in our memories. Post twin tower incident, the US Government has undergone changes in the enforcement of aviation laws for enhancing security to prevent every possible loss.

Security Services at The Airport

The Federal government reshaped the airport security with a joint venture of the federal and non-federal workforce. The teams work both at the forefront in uniform, as security officials, as well as in disguise in private uniform posted in every nook and corner of the airport premises - as well as in the checking posts of an aircraft.

Steps Implemented

         Security missions were made stronger and a revision of the set standards was done. In time, the federal government took the challenge of making its checking system accurate with the help of technology. Digitally protected passports were issued and passport readers that are electronically devised are in use. Everything about the passenger is taken into account.

         Tight security for bag and baggage has been ensured and the security checkers have been given special orders that any discrepancy regarding someones luggage should be immediately taken into action.

         The checking is not limited to the luggage and the entrance of the airport and the aircraft. The entire airport surrounding is under the constant gaze of the security personnel. Close circuit cameras and screening devices are located in different corners and alert sirens are used to immediately alert officials if something is found to be suspicious.

         Another important area is the access control system of the airport which has a direct link with the aircraft. Any sabotage created in this zone can cause another powerful disaster. Therefore patrolling security has been enforced to keep a constant eye on the work process conducted from the airport.

         You may think that most of the safety measures are concerned with the airport security. Lets take a break here. Actually to create sabotage the force has to get into the aircraft through this route. Thus prime security is concerned with this area. The Government pays extra attention regarding the tightening of the airport security.

But an aircraft can crash due to poor aviation fuel or manufacturing, and the pilot can lose control on the flight, or a crash may occur due to misconduct in the signaling process. A security measure as such cant be posted for these causes but maintenance of strict guidelines regarding these factors must be scrutinized before an aircraft is set free to fly in its mission.