Checkout the Safety Measures While Driving a Car

By Charles Hopkins Published 12/14/2006 | Security and Safety

 Arent you fooling yourself? Such reckless speed and careless driving can, at any moment, put out the light of your life. Why does it matter? Simply put, your life is fragile.

The biggest cause of automobile accidents is due to distraction of the drivers concentration. Speeding and losing control of your car is the second biggest cause. The third cause is related to the cars condition and not checking the fluids in your car before getting behind the wheel. Accidents happen whether you are in fault or not, just remember that the ones caused by you and your negligence will affect you in the long run.

Its true that accidents occur at anytime out of no where.

But you can help prevent them by checking your car and drive safely. That is why the safety aspects are always highlighted when you are behind the wheel.

The biggest distracting factors

         Talking on your cell phone while driving has become a big cause of car accidents.

         There are two ways a cell phone causes distraction. First, your attention is diverted on the conversation and your attention is taken from the road, to the conversation.

         Sometimes you miss a light signal or you try to overtake a heavy vehicle, but another vehicle is coming from in front of you.

         The other distraction caused by the cell phone is when your talking on the phone it takes one hand away from the wheel. If you drive a standard this means that you have to take your cell phone and tuck it into your shoulder to switch gears. When you are reading this article and visualizing the picture, you see all the things wrong with this, but when you are in your vehicle and doing this the thought never crosses your mind. So who is to blame for an accident in this case?

         Similarly anything that involves one of your hands to do and your concentration, even in the smallest bit can affect your driving.

Its your life and hence the choice is left to you. But a little bit of consciousness and careful driving can be safe and help you out with the thrill and fun of driving for ages.

Safety always

  • Never violate the traffic rules and try to maintain the average speed limit. Dont unnecessarily rush on the road.
  • If you are pressed for time and traffic jams always make you late, why dont you take a few minutes in hand when you start?
  • Cars should be maintained properly and the engines should be checked after regular intervals. Road hazards will drastically reduce and you will also enjoy the quality of driving.
  • Put off the cell phones when you are driving. Make your driving experience safe and hazard-free.
  • If calls have to be made, then use speaker phones and try to stop the car to complete the conversation. Limit the conversation to important matters.
  • Playing music in the car is ok, but keep the volume at a decent level. To make it easier, make you a CD with the songs you want to listen in the car, but when heavy traffic occurs, it is better to turn your CD player off.

Will following these simple rules take much time out of your life? If you maintain these simple regulations of road safety while driving a car you are taking action in preserving your life. You only have one life to live, and only one live to lose.