Complete Checklist for Household Safety

By Charles Hopkins Published 12/14/2006 | Security and Safety

Is your home safe? Have the alarm bells started ringing just reading the question? Its quite obvious. Home security or household safety, though it sounds like no big deal, but in fact putting things right and protected by keeping every aspect perfect is not an easy task.

Therefore an integrated overview of the concerned areas of household safety is required to format the security devices and the protective means to take care of your home.

First and foremost what you need to sort out are the key areas of home safety.

  • Safety against fire and electrical hazards
  • Safety from intruders, like burglars
  • Safety from external attacks
  • Safety from natural calamities
  • Safety of the family members in every possible way
  • Special emphasis on the safety of kids
  • Safety in health and financial conditions etc

This list helps you to make a clear idea of the safety concerns related to the household and the family.

Consider Home Specifically

  • Inspect that each and every electrical wiring and electrically running devices and systems are in good condition without any trouble area. Even if everything seems to run in a pretty fine manner, its better to undergo a thorough examination of the electrical wiring as a part of routine checkup.
  • To prevent fire hazards the safety aspect of kitchen appliances have to be made strong. The LPG leakage is one of the major causes of fire breaking out in the household. Therefore users of gas ovens have to be very much concerned about using the device in the right manner. Turn it off from the source connector after use and also check that there is no leaking point in the connecting pipe.
  • Regularly check the function of the smoke detectors because they are essential to finding out if something is burning.
  • Keep the kids away from water heaters and irons. The temperature of the water heater should also be regulated and raised till 130 degrees Fahrenheit. This heat is bearable and safe.
  • For keeping any intruder away set alarms. Special burglar alarms are available. Any unknown person at your doorstep will be easily detected through this alarm system and you are aware to avail every form of precaution.
  • Keep the phone numbers of local police stations, hospitals, and fire stations in the close vicinity within easy access to be found out at once. These are emergency numbers and can be required anytime. Always check that your phone line is not dead and your cell phone is working.
  • If possible arrange for a lightning absorber instrument and fix it on top of your apartment. Your safety is doubled from both natural calamity like thunderstorms and other fire and electrical dangers from it.

Financial and Health Security

  • These two aspects are in some way or the other related to the household safety. Without money you cant think of honey. Thats the simplest equation.
  • Health is another key concern for a family. The kids proper care and well being requires more attention than any other thing. And the childs health largely depends on proper nourishment and immunization. For this you need a proper maintenance and cleanliness of the household. Indirectly it is a part of the household safety.