Super Features of Security Alarms

By Charles Hopkins Published 12/14/2006 | Security and Safety

Now you are sure that your house is well protected. Still burglary could not be prevented. The thieves broke in silently when everyone was fast asleep and the next fine morning you find many valuables in the household to be missing and the entrance door left open. The biggest blow at the break of the day makes you numb. But had there been a security alarm such an incident could have been prevented.

Detection Through Security Alarms

Before looking at the elements in the configuration of the security alarm, you must understand the basic aspect of a security alarms function. What are the key entry areas of an intruder? The burglar can enter either through the doors or the windows. Therefore motion sensors are fixed at these positions and connected with the alarm. Once the thief is within the periphery of the sensor, someones presence can be easily detected and the alarm is automatically on.

But this mode of detection has some flaws. The biggest of them is that unless the intruder gets inside the stipulated domain of the sensory capacity, the alarm wont work. Moreover alert from a distance cannot be created because the sensory device is fixed within the range of the house. Something extra should be there in the configuration of the security alarm to keep away these lacunae.

Configuration of Safety Alarm

  • Monitoring from a central system: Though the alarm is inside your house and for some reason is set off, the indicator, after detecting the trail of an intruder, will bring it into the notice of the central monitoring body. The operators will immediately inform the local cops of that area and also the proprietor of the house and necessary action will be taken.
  • The basic control panel and the keypad: In any type of security alarm the control panel is the key device where the wiring system comes to a halt and operates the battery system. Without the control panel the alarm will just become the childs plaything. The keypad is for arming the alarm system and vice versa. Hence it is also an operating tool.
  • Motion detection and contacts: Sensory detectors in the key areas of movement are placed and opening through which one can get in or out are mostly tracked so that the intruder is easily caught.
  • Siren alarm: The alarm should sound like an alerting siren and blow a specific horn to recognize at once when it is on. Also make aware of the siren tone to the people residing in proximity so that they too get alerted with the noise.
  • The security alarm becomes stronger if a recording system like the CCTV can be fixed for constant monitoring. The close circuit TV will directly capture the intruders presence in the premises and screen on the monitor. Thus detecting the person wont be difficult as soon as the alarm goes on. This is more authentic than the unmonitored security alarm and has proved to be sure shot success in preventing burglaries in residential locales.

Recent police records show that more than 60% of household burglaries have been prevented with the help of security alarms. A great achievement indeed!