Economic Security for Women

By Charles Hopkins Published 12/14/2006 | Security and Safety

Each and every feminist discourse of the world has given special emphasis on economic independence and security of every woman as an individual. The fight for their self-esteem first of all concerned with the breaking of barrier between male and female in their gender roles categorized by the social strata.

Women for home and men for work was a clear binary set by the social system. Dont you feel that the key operating this division has economic position and security in its core? Another question simultaneously arises; can economic equality wipe out gender discrimination from its roots?

Economic discrimination as basis of gender inequality

Lets judge gender inequality from two broad perspectives: economic and social. There is a twist in the matrix of these perspectives because they are overlapped. The social structure is not independent of economic base. Therefore when an inequality thrives, you cant blame a single force.

Who do you find to be most exploited even in the woman category? Women of lower income and poor are the ones. And this exploitation prevails most in the underdeveloped countries, also the developing nations, the surveys by different bodies of United Nations clearly forecast.

Issues of concern to provide economic security

In America and Canada, the government is responsible to create such an environment where economic equality is maintained between genders. The objective of providing economic security is therefore looked after by each and every sector of the society.

Women in business, working in different industries, teaching in educational institutes, women in the parliament holding ministries, women in bureaucracy and women at home -  everyone should enjoy freedom of being an independent individual and economic freedom is foremost needed for accessing all other freedoms in someway or the other. This is the key motto of the Government to uplift the issue of gender equality and female economic security.

What are required to build such an environment and propagate such ideal conditions? Women across the world should get the following opportunities.

         Quality education with technical skills and opportunity for excelling in the trade with required trainings and guidance.

         Women should be more promoted to own and run their individual business. Self-employment will enable every lady to independently earn for economic security. Moreover her role-model as home maker will also remain stable.

         Womens health should be given more care. They carry the babies and if they suffer from malnutrition, the direct effect is revealed in the new born. This problem is predominant in underdeveloped and developing nations.

         Different public resources should come up in the forefront helping out the women.

         Financial literacy and knowledge of economic policies should be gained by every woman under the sun. The woman who is aware and conscious about her rights can at least understand that she is being exploited in a particular position. In the next step she can definitely raise her voice against it.

         But in most cases the women are ignorant about the doctrines and legal facts and often become poor victims of harassments and embarrassments.

         Above all safety for women should just not be a constitutional motto or a political agenda but implied in every step of social, economic and political levels to protect the womens rights and esteem in every respect.