Online Safety: Comprehensive Guideline for Teenagers

By Charles Hopkins Published 12/14/2006 | Kids & Teens

The whole world is at your fingertips on the world wide web and you are connected with millions instantly when online. Teens love to operate online chats all day if given a chance. At the same time the chatting addiction is not always safe.

Personal chats with known and reliable people can really be intimate in its true

essence. But if it is a public forum and you are connected with different people sitting in different corners of the globe, your way of communication should never be too personal. Especially the teenagers who cross their limits and express things out of emotions. Sometimes they are driven towards the words of the unknown person and disclose very personal information. This might be the entry to a trap.

Teenagers should be taught about online safety and guided properly to maintain a safe display when online on public forums.

What to disclose and what not

  • What can be more precious than your own identity to be kept secret?
  • Never disclose your full identity with complete name, residential address, birthday, e-mail address, cell phone number or even the address of your educational institute.
  • Let the unknown guy pester you for all these details but just ignore his tries.
  • It might happen that this person is a gentleman but in a public forum everyone will be able to access such information once they login.
  • Will you like to be hackled and harassed unnecessarily? If not then it would be better to be within limits and enjoy the mode of communication.

Avoid meeting the online people on real ground

  • Good girls and young boys, the world of fantasy is over. Stand erect on the real grounds and get hold of one simple thing. People who you may like by words might be entirely different when you face them.
  • Never get into the trap of meeting somebody with who you have been connected with for only a few hours.
  • Now things become tempting when this mode of communication is on for days, months and sometimes years. You really cannot resist the thrill of physically meeting the same person when an opportunity comes.
  • The best way to tackle this situation is openly discussing with your parents. If possible the first meeting should be arranged in such a way that both the families meet together. Select anyones home and that is most desirable.
  • If you decide to meet alone dont choose a lonely and isolated locale. A public place or a restaurant would be the best.

Now up untill this point nothing has been discussed on something bitter and belligerent about the online chats or postings. But you can very frequently come across such instances if you are net savvy. How do you tackle such a situation?

  • The best way to handle any such lewd remarks or comments is to ignore them.
  • If things are recurrent dont respond with a threatening note of your own. This might further provoke the person to continue.
  • Bring it in the notice of your guardians and take the help of the law if things dont stop after a certain time.
  • Any step taken in haste in these types of situations is risky and create bigger troubles.

So young boys and girls, better be cautious when you are online and listen to what your parents say.