Safety Belt for Safer Car Drive

By Charles Hopkins Published 12/14/2006 | Auto and Trucks

The most common cause behind fatal accidents is a casual approach while driving. It must not astonish you that every year about fifty thousand people die of car accidents alone. So guess what the number will look like if the total calculation of road accidents is considered. Will it be another addition of zero at the end to the above stated figure?

Coming back to car accidents, one major cause of this to take place is not using the seat belt. The safety belts for both the driver and the co-passengers have been specifically designed to protect the person driving from various road hazards. But once again the casual approach becomes the killing demon.

Safety belts secure you in your seat.

There is a simple physics of inertia working when a car hits something coming on its way and you are injured. Had you worn the safety belt, this could have been prevented to a great extent.

Suppose you are driving at the speed of 15 miles per hour and all of a sudden apply the brakes because a dog comes out of nowhere and the car takes a sharp turn and hits a tree. The time taken by the car to collide and stop is merely one-tenth of a second but as your body is in inertia; it can automatically stop from moving forward with the application of the brakes.

Just calculate the speed in terms of the time taken for the car to hit with that intensity of momentum and dont ever wish to feel the force of such a crash. A question arises automatically, can the safety belt protect you from this heavy jerk of momentum when you have already lost the control over the steering and the speed?

If the safety belts are locked in the right fashion without any stress on your shoulders and front part of the body and you sit at rest at the steering or by the side of the driver, the sudden thrust or collision which actually magnifies the speed to a double can keep a control on your forward movement and lock you to the seat to a great extent. The accident which could have been fatal will now cause a just a few injuries.

Correctly put the belt straps

The right way of putting the seat belts on should be followed by every driver and traveler in a car. Two links are connected with the double straps. The safety belt guards your shoulder and holds you firmly by the hip joints.

A common callousness shown by every person behind the wheel is that they lock the shoulder strap but not the hipbone strap. So when there is a collision the balance of the body (sitting tightly) is lost and the belt strap on shoulder is not sufficient to pull you back.

The riders feel safety belts are just to safeguard the traffic rules. This attitude has to be changed. Safety belts have been exclusively designed for your protection and not to bluff the traffic law. Dont make the mistake of thinking that you are going for a short drive to the near-by shopping complex and you dont need to put on the safety belts.

Do you think that accidents will give you a warning before happening? So its always better to put on your seat belts when you are riding a car.