Scientific Means to Use Security Lightings

By Charles Hopkins Published 12/14/2006 | Security and Safety

Quite interestingly three core subjects of Physics; radiation, emission and light have become the area of latest experiments in the manufacture and use of security lights. For the security of domestic households as well as commercial premises the tungsten halogen floodlights are being widely used now-a-days. These floodlights are operated by the movement sensor and for the domestic purpose the power of these lights range between 250 watts and 500 watts.

One of the scientific ways of devising the security lighting has been named as PIR or passive infrared security lighting. The detection of movement through the sensory apparatus is actually controlled by the passive infrared light. Hence the security light PIR floodlight has been named after the particular light itself.

Specifications and features

Why is security lighting important? The most obvious reason is nothing but security and safety of the area where the light is installed and glow in the dark. Now you know very well that security lighting is not an alarm, which will blow as soon as the intruder is in but it actually serves as creating alertness in the neighborhood. The PIR controlled security floodlights can give you the signal of someones entry if the person gets trapped within the range of the illumination power of the PIR lights. How does this really happen?

v      The monitoring sensor operated through the infrared light can actually detect the movement when someone crosses a specific periphery or boundary of a house to step in. The PIR controlled floodlight is definitely incapable of detecting the intruders intension of selecting a particular house but once the intruder is in the security lighting will create its illumination magic to aware all.

v      The PIR floodlight works instantaneously and produces a bright light on the focused area covering a particular range.

v      It must be placed at an optimum height of 10 feet for proper illumination.

v      The focus of light is so strong that it can immediately capture someone moving inside the area without fail.

The flip side

In spite of all these advantages the PIR controlled floodlights do have some negative feedback. Its nothing to worry about because the coin always has two sides. And science is also regarded both as a boon and a bane. The modern experiments with security lighting have given birth to PIR lights but thats not the end of the research. The major problems regarding the PIR lights are as follows:

v      The foremost disadvantage is related to the energy consumption. The PIR floodlights need more energy to produce that intense illumination and the chance of the bulbs to get fuse is also more.

v      The strong light sometimes becomes the reason of disturbance and the neighbors might complain regarding this. And the automation in the glowing technique becomes boomerang. The PIR light is not supposed to know that who is a burglar and who is not. What it does is that it glows instantly when anyone encroaches in its specified area. That can be you and me. It is quite obvious that if your friend comes in and the security light starts indicating signals, how irritating and embarrassing would the situation be!

Thus if you want strong secured facilities you will have to compromise a bit with sentiments and feelings. But the day is not far when science will be able to give a better alternative where your feelings and sensitivity will be given equal priority as safety and security. The concept of low energy photoelectric cell is already doing well. Just wait and watch for the improved advantages you can avail.