Security Lighting to Keep You Alert

By Charles Hopkins Published 12/14/2006 | Security and Safety

Devils come out in the dark. Do you often tell such stories to your kids when they fight you about going to bed? It is true that fear and darkness walk hand in hand, and most criminal activities are planned in the dark.

A common psychology therefore persists when there is little or no lights the possibilities of getting identified and being caught is lessened. Well again this is not an absolute theory because criminal activities do take place under bright daylight. But the very idea of security lighting in its core works upon the counter-attack force against the dark and devil concept.

There are three elementary reasons of using security lighting:

  1. If there is a security lighting arrangement at home or any place where the setup is possible, it provides you with the feel of protection.
  2. Any intruder stepping in can be easily spotted out.
  3. Entry of an unwanted person can be deterred.

Multipurpose Usage

Security lighting is not meant for just use in the domestic setup. Other than residential protection, the security lighting arrangements are in commercial places, industries, office buildings, different institutes and even in the defense setup.

Among the common types of security lighting, sodium vapor lights and floodlights are very popular.

  • The sodium vapor lamps are actually low pressure sodium gas discharge lamps. They can produce powerful light throughout the night and used both for security lighting as well as street lights.
  • But low pressure sodium bulbs also have a flip side. The lamination color is bright raw yellow without any variation. Therefore the reflection from the body over which this light falls also resembles the yellow tint. Sometimes this becomes difficult to identify the distinctive features, which can be advantageous for the intruder.
  • You must have come across floodlights in the proscenium theater stage where strong illumination is required to brighten the stage setup. The same intensity of brightness if used as security lighting will serve the purpose of safety of a particular premise in a better way. Intruders will give a long thought before deciding to step in.

Technology in progress

The technology working to devise security lighting has not confined its research just in floodlights or sodium vapor bulbs. Novel innovations are being thoroughly worked out for better quality of illumination and to make a society free of crime. What does this exactly mean?

In our above discussion we have kept the safety and security means to inhibit intrusions and external attacks. But the crime world is not confined only to these aspects. There are many such offences which you do to yourself, may be provocation works behind committing those. Again what has those crimes to do with the security lighting?

Not beating about the bush anymore, lets come to the exact point. Recently the blue outdoor lamp somewhat close to the mercury vapor lamp is being used as the security lamp. The illumination is bright but color detection has a magical illusion. Blue under blue light gets diluted. Therefore this security light can be widely used in those areas where drug injections are taken by the drug addicts. The blue light almost makes impossible for the injectors to penetrate the dose in their veins due to this color illusion.

Hats off to security lighting system not just for a safe goodnight sleep but also for creating such alertness to prevent the modern generation from committing such unwanted activities that may ruin their entire life.