Sensor Technology: Security against Terrorist Threats

By Charles Hopkins Published 12/14/2006 | Security and Safety

Hysteria, a nation under siege.

Can this be the precise definition for the threat of terrorist attacks?

Down in the veins of America,
Anthrax breeds in rivers of sadness and endless news.

Quoting the lines from both the parts of the poem Upon 9/11 by Mathew Abuelo just after the WTC attack symbolizes the threat of terrorism as hysteric and complete numbness. It was such a terrible devastation that shook the whole world without the slightest indication something like this was going to happen.

Fragile and futile; do you take life to be so? All of us know we have to go one day. But that doesnt mean its a boom and we are no more. Together well have to stand and fight back such organized bodies and devastating minds operating behind the global terrorism and making it a constant cause of threat in our present breeding time and space.

Detection of a terrorist threat

New innovations in the field of technology give way to such devices where detection of any sort of terrorist threat can easily be tracked out irrespective of the location. One thing is clear that most terrorist organizations plan their attack on the busiest locales to cause severe damage to the maximum range. It can be an airport, an office building, a public event, a huge auditorium or gallery, railway stations, trains, aircrafts, building complexes, market square and so on. One attack can cause just innumerable death and horrible loss instantly.

Precautions used conventionally have been proved to be slow and ineffective with the pace of development of armaments and explosives. Thus the whole innovation of sensor technology being employed to arrest the terrorist threats is based on the olfactory system of the specific animals.

The smelling capacity of dogs, bears, tigers and many others is so strong that it hardly takes time to detect at least the feel that the prey is nearby. The dogs olfactory factor is also significant for catching criminals and has special role to play as security figures both in the households and the police protection system of a state. The olfactory sensation becomes the basic phenomenon behind the working of the e-nose in the sensor technology to detect the terrorist threats.

Working process of the e-nose

E-noses are technologically developed and equipped with the optimum sensation to detect the odor of explosives within a framed time span and mostly it is fraction of a second to one or two seconds at the most.

The entire sensor technology has been devised by keeping various aspects in mind.

  • Is it very expensive?
  • Will it be able to detect the presence of explosives and armaments not within a range of specified space?
  • Is it possible that the e-nose devised by the sensor technology will be able to distinct different compounds used in the making of explosives so that the intensity of devastation can be assumed?

In a nutshell the sensor technology is already equipped with such facilities. Researches are on for better advancements and to make the process more cost-effective.

The mechanism devised through the sensor technology is fast and indeed comprehensive to prevent terrorist attacks. Yet you cant bet that terrorist threats can be completely put off. But the day is not far when such violent and destructive missions will be made numb and those involved will fear of hysteria forever. We all want peace. Thats the ultimate mission for making the world better and happier.