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By Dr.Arjun Bhojwani Published 01/4/2007 | Health

Until now, getting cosmetic surgery of any kind in India was too costly for most people. All that's changed. Today the world's getting smaller and travel is easier. You have options. Have you heard the latest? People are flying to India and getting their surgery done. Not only do you get your surgery for a fraction of the cost, but you get to travel to exotic India too. For last few years India has been depicting its proficiency in medical treatment packages. The major USP of medical tourism India is its cutthroat price of the treatment packages.

The visitors can get world class treatment services at their expediency at cost which is 30% to 70% less as weighed against the cost of treatment in USA or Thailand. The medical packages range from health check up packages to posh heart surgery packages. Moreover, the uses of radioactive isotopes and scanning through Gamma camera have added matchless features to Medical Tourism India.

Neck Lift Surgery:

For patients desiring to improve the contour of the neck and jaw line (or jowls) there are two procedures that can help. If the neck is an area that your body tends to store fat, then micro suction of the neck may be recommended. If the skin and muscle in the neck and jaw line have become weak over time, then a neck lift may be recommended.A neck lift is actually a set of procedures used to enhance the appearance of your neck:

  • Cervicoplasty is the procedure used to remove excess skin
  • Platysmaplasty removes or alters neck muscles

Your surgeon also can perform neck liposuction, which removes excess fat. In some cases, Botox injections may be the answer to your problems if you have fullness or "bands."

What are Preparations for a Neck Lift Surgery?

During your consultation, your surgeon will instruct you on what medications to avoid prior to your surgery. Certain medications and vitamins thin your blood and can cause increased bleeding. If you are a smoker, you will need to quit at least two weeks before the surgery and two weeks after. You cannot just plan to cut down. You must not smoke for this time period to ensure proper healing. Also, this is no time for a diet: make sure that you eat properly because this will help your body heal. Make sure you wear loose, comfortable clothing on the day of surgery. You should especially plan to wear a button-down blouse or shirt that does not have to be pulled over your neck or head. You should plan to take at least one week off from work to recover. However, your doctor can determine this based on your personal situation. If you are having platysmaplasty, cervicoplasty, or a combination of any of the procedures we've discussed here, you should plan on having a home recovery area set up before you undergo surgery.

How a Neck Lift Surgery  Is Done:

Typically, the procedure will last two to three hours. Of course, if you are having a neck lift in conjunction with liposuction, facelift, brow lift, or other surgeries, the time will vary accordingly. Your exact procedure will depend on your desired results and your own personal circumstances. In order to undergo a neck lift, you must be in good general health, both physically and mentally. 

Here are some of the most common concerns:

src=""       Turkey wattle neck

src=""       Excess fat

src=""       Too much skin

Turkey Wattle -- Weakened or Loose Neck Muscles

If you have weakened or loose neck muscles, this may cause the "turkey wattle" or appearance of neck "bands." To correct this, your surgeon may recommend platysmaplasty surgery. The surgeon makes incisions under your chin and/or behind your ears to access the platysma (neck muscle) and manipulate it accordingly. Sometimes, that may even mean removing some muscle. Your surgeon may also use permanent sutures to hold the tissue in place.

There are new less invasive procedures, where your surgeon may be able to make smaller incisions and use an endoscope (small camera attached to a thin tube) to complete your surgery. Make sure you ask your surgeon for all your options during your consultation. You and your surgeon will discuss what type of anesthesia to use, depending on your level of comfort. If you want to remain asleep during the procedure, you should request general anesthesia. Otherwise, your surgeon can use local anesthesia with sedation. It's up to you, however, to make that determination.

Instead of surgery or in addition to it, Botox injections can relax parts of the platysma that are responsible for the "band" appearance or look of fullness. The injections are completed on an outpatient basis and typically can be completed within 15 minutes.

Excess Fat

During liposuction, your surgeon will make a small incision below the chin and remove the excess fat. If you are undergoing multiple procedures during your neck lift, it is very common for plastic surgeons to begin with liposuction. If this is the only procedure you'll need, you should plan to spend up to an hour undergoing the operation.

You will be able to determine this with your doctor during your pre-operative consultation. Your incisions will be stitched and bandaged. It's very important to follow your doctor's instructions on properly caring for the stitches and bandage in the days following surgery.

Too Much Skin:

Just like the platysmaplasty, your surgeon will make similar incisions for a cervicoplasty, trimming parts of the skin and lifting it into place. It will be secured with tissue glue or stitches. The cervicoplasty can be completed in about two to four hours, depending on the complexity of your procedure. Again, your anesthesia will depend on your own personal comfort level.

Your surgeon will fit you with a compression bandage that you will have to wear for at least one week, unless instructed otherwise. It's important to follow his or her instructions to ensure proper recovery.

After Neck Lift Surgery:

There is a minimal amount of discomfort following your procedure. You may feel tightness in the neck where the muscles have been pulled together. There will be swelling and bruising that may last from seven to ten days. Keeping your head elevated and applying cold compresses will help to reduce swelling. As your incisions heal, you will notice some itching and possibly some numbness. These symptoms will diminish over time. You may wear make-up after three days and your sutures will be removed in seven to ten days. Strenuous activity is restricted for six weeks. After the procedure, patients may experience some numbness, bruising, swelling or discomfort at the incision sight. This is normal and will pass with time. Incision site pain is usually minimal, and can be controlled with medication, if necessary. Pain will subside after the first few days. Keep your head elevated while sleeping. It is important to get plenty of rest and allow your body to heal. Swelling can be treated with a cold compress.

Try not to turn your head for a few weeks. This allows the muscles time to heal. All dressings are removed within 24 hours. After the dressings are removed, patients may shower and shampoo hair.

Why should one go for Neck Lift Surgery to India?

Most Important Reason to do so is that the cost of the Neck Lift Surgery is very low in India-almost 20% of the cost of what one would pay in USA, Canada or UK.

India has been the most attractive destination for the visitors around the glob. But the recent trend in the tourism sector shows a propelling growth in the travel & tourism industry. This is not only due to the heritage attraction of the country but the medical tourism India which has depicted a steady southward movement, of late. Now the question arises, why should people rush India for treatment? The simple equation is that the medical treatment package price in India is 35% to 40% lesser than the treatment cost in USA 

A patient can travel India once in the same cost with the excellence health care treatment in India. So this is the best alternative available particularly for foreigners to travel India with complete medical treatment. Offering surgery in India with the 30% discount India has got the benefit of English speaking populace.

So there would not be any problem in making out and addressing the quandary due to the language difference. Not just because of the discount but the superiority concern also. India has got the specialist in around the world and in India as well and also has got the world eminent doctors & hospitals where all the services are provided to the patients. So when you can get the best health care in India then why not opt for India as the destination for medical treatment tourism

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